Roswell And Orchestra

Roswell And Orchestra – Unesco Palace, December 3

For the first time in the Middle East, Metal Bell Magazine is proud to present “Roswell And Orchestra”. Many musicians will be joining the Lebanese Rock band “Roswell”, where some of the most successful songs from the band’s 3 albums ...
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Reinabelle Returns To Lebanon

Reinabelle returns to Lebanon! Remember when we shared the story about little Reinabelle who was born blind last March? At the time, 8 local bands and artists ( Violent Peace, Aces High, Eden, Napview, Homesick, Colorblind, Grey Groove, and Ghiya Assaad) ...
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Roy Khan Returning to music

Roy Khan Returning To Music Seems SOON!

Roy Khan Returning To Music Seems SOON? We previously did a full investigatory article about Roy Khan's whereabouts (here) 2 years ago, following it up with another statement from Roy himself about a possible return to music (here). It turned ...
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Dark Phantom

The Brave Phantoms Of Iraqi Metal

Dark Phantom is a multi-ethnic band probably new to our ears, but they have been around for a while, playing the music they love in an oil-rich nation of turmoil and everlasting war, defying the reign of extremism and various death threats ...
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Interview With Roy From ROCKRING

Following last year's Summer Fusion, we teamed up this year with RockRing to keep you updated on everything that is going around. As a starter, here is an interview with Roy Naufal, founder of RockRing Lebanon. 1- So, Summer is ...
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Kaoteon Are Back


Kaoteon is one of those bands whose shine never dims. Ok! That was a cliché, but it is true! Imagine a band that hasn’t been active for years: no performances since 2009, a shy album release party in 2011, and ...
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Phenomy – New Line Up Change

In less than 5 months, the Lebanese thrash metal band "Phenomy" went through their second lineup change. After the departure of their last vocalist, Adel, and replacing him with "Sam Felfly", Phenomy announced the departure of "Raymond Ghorayeb", the bassist ...
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WGT – The Largest Goth Gathering on Earth!

WGT 25th Anniversary! If you're a Goth fan, you have definitely heard of WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN that takes place in Leipzig (Eastern Germany). If you are new to the Gothic scene or never had the chance to check out the ...
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Blaakyum Onslaught Tour

Exclusive | Blaakyum On Tour With ONSLAUGHT

It is about time our bands get the attention they deserve. It is about time our scene goes international. It might not be the first time one of our bands plays international festivals, but this is getting bigger and bigger ...
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Invoking The Hunter

PREMIERE | Dimlight – Invoking The Hunter

Recently, we have seen many bands that labeled themselves only as "Metal", ditching all the sub-genres and sticking only to the mother of them all. Such bands usually have a coherent mixture of many sub-metal styles which mainly reflects the ...
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