It’s very obvious why any post-rock, post-punk fan would not want to miss this, but this article is dedicated for any music fan, there’s no need for genre restriction when you’re in love with music, for the sake of music. Let me put it out this way : “Music is bigger than words, and wider than pictures” – Mogwai. This quote defines my view on music on so many levels, anyway let’s get to business. Why you MUST attend this gig:


1. I have midterms the next day and I’m not skipping this: So why would you? I’m in the situation where each minute matters, but I’m willing to take my notebook and study during the gig as long as I don’t miss this. I have seen Lambajain live (I reviewed them as well) and they were absolutely stunning, as for Kinematik and Sun and Moth, I’m very very excited to see them.

2. Support local talent: This is the very repeated reason I use every time, simply because we aim to encourage bands and artists to express themselves and try our best to keep up with their news and give them a platform to spread out their works of art. For only 10$, you’ll get to see three bands, have one hell of a night, and feel the enchantment of their heavenly music.

3. You’ll get to experiment with new genres of music: If you’re not a die-hard post-rock/post-punk fan, here it’s time to take a chance. Whether you’re a metalhead or an indie-chic, there’s no harm in trying new music. Trust me , there’s a big chance you’ll end up listening to “Explosions in the Sky” on repeat for a whole week afterwards. My friend went with me to Lambajain’s gig last month , and she fell in love.

4. Fall in love with Yukunkun: Something about that place makes you feel quite mysterious, whether it’s the lights, or the ambiance, one can never tell, but what is certain is that this is the place to be on a Wednesday night, for drinks, music or both, which is the case with “Post Nothing”. Not to mention that Ziad , the owner, is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

5.This will be your favorite gig in a while: This one will leave you thinking about life and creation, metaphysics, black holes, and basically lots of uncommon things you’ll never have answers to. This feeling will last a little while, and soon enough you’ll discover that this gig made it to your top-list. Lambajain, Kinematic, and Sun and Moth , you will remember these names.

Be there and be many, for the sake of music, love, and bliss.

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Cookie Shemaly.

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Photos by: Shadi Rebahi and his crew from “Cosmic Entertainment Crew“.
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