Date: October 10 – 11, 2015

Location: Montazah al-Wadi, Yahchouch Valley, Nahr Ibrahim

Entrance fee: 25,000 L.L.

A call for all camping and outdoor enthusiasts… or any person who enjoys sitting around a fire while listening to the sweet tunes of heavy metal through the night. This is Thrones of Madness.

Get your tents, food, and booze over to the “Montazah al-Wadi” in Yahchouch Valley and get ready to spend an evening around the fire with your friends and other metal fans while your hosts Serge Keshishian, Jessica Jinbachian, and Sami Joe Abiad play a wide variety of Metal (not as a band, there are no bands playing this camp) and a firework show.


The camp site offers food through local restaurants (but no bar), and a river if you’re in the mood for one last dip this year. However, the site doesn’t offer tent rentals or tents, so make sure to get something to sleep in.

Read more about the event over here.

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