Bands: Chained Reaction, Insanity Q

Location: The Quadrangle Live, Hazmieh

Date: February 6, 2016 – 10:00 PM

Entrance fee: 15,000L.L. (including one beer)

After our last event’s postponement, it was clear that we lost a battle but not the WAR!

Chained Reaction, as promised, are back to rock your world! And to make things more exciting, they joined forces with In Sanity Q, who traveled all the way from their distant home planet to take part in this cosmic Rock show.

Drums will be crushed, guitars shredded, and basses slapped… And as the high octave screams vibrate in your ears, the pianos will soothe your heart.

Bring your Rock n’ Roll appetite, and experience the Reloaded version of The Exbandables!



This event is organized by The Lebanese Youth Center (LYC)


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