Friday the 11th of September, mark your calendars! This date is the last event April will hold this year, as bassist Remy Hachem and drummer Naseem Raad are leaving the country soon.  April is turning 5 this October, so they decided to combine their fifth anniversary with the departure of Remy and Naseem. Don’t miss this unique event where April will play the best they’ve offered over the years, and will share the stage with The Butterfly!

This is the official statement:

In October, April turns 5. But the band won’t be fully here to celebrate it…as we say goodbye to our very own Remy Hachem & Naseem Raad, as each takes off to a different country, we combined our farewell and anniversary in one night!

It all started at this very dear place to us, The Quadrangle. And it only makes sense we take it back there…along with one of our most favorite bands and fellow musicians – The Butterfly!

We will blast the best of what April has offered over the years until today. To every person who was there from the top or at the very end, we want you there.

Until April reunites again, this will be our last event for the year!

Don’t miss this unique event! It will be your last chance to see April play for a very long time! Let’s hope this hiatus doesn’t last very long and that they reunite very soon. Good luck to April.

  • Date and Time: Friday 11 September 2015 at 9 P.M.
  • Location: Live at the Quadrangle – Hazmieh

Be there, be many, let’s rise with the scene!! //m\\


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