Bands: Nightchains, Agressor
: Sunday November 6, 2016
Location: Carousel Club, Karakas, Hamra
Entrance: 15,000 L.L. including a Beer

Event Details:

A short-lived Metal band from Hamra, Nightchains are doing a reunion concert 10 years after they split up.
The band was formed during the year 2003 and split up just short of 3 years later in 2006. Nightchains managed to  self-release a low produced album entitled “Metal To The Bones” that was recorded live with no further mixing or mastering. Metal To The Bones sounds similar to early Metallica, and Paul Di’anno’s Iron Maiden with a Manowarian spirit in the lyrics and composition, and a little bit of Judas Priest here and there. In 2010, the band resurfaced on social media and the album was re-released through DEAD MASTER’S BEAT. Nightchains Reunion

NIGHTCHAINS’ reunion will be crowned by having the original singer, Max, fronting the band for the first time in 10 years. Supporting Nightchains’s reunion will be Thrash Metal Band AGRESSOR.

Nightchains’ original line up:

Max – Vocals
Tex – Guitars
Nabil – Drums
Napalm – Bass

2004 | Ecstasy | Single
2005 | Metal To The Bone (Self-released)
2010 | Metal To The Bone (Dead Master’s Beat)

Nightchains Reunion Concert at Carousel Club Hamra, November 6

Nightchains Reunion



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