DATE: November 18, 2016
LOCATION: The Music Room – Bur Dubai
BANDS: Eternity Minstrels, Mudassar Jackson, Alaa Faqir, Naser Mestarihi, UpThe Ante, Overdrive, Dominion

Event Overview:

Every time we lose a music Legend people remembers them with different kinds of tributes. But this time Musicians United, a 2 years old UAE based music platform, is organizing what could become an annual event: LOST LEGENDS – A Tribute.

Following their successful September event The Great American Rock & Metal Tribute Musicians United are organizing an event where performing artists will pay tribute not only for Rock and Metal musicians but also to some of the biggest names in music in general such as Micheal Jackson and John Lennon among others.

Event Description:

And we’re back with one more concert to knock your socks off before we announce the big season closure for December 2016.

Over the past years, we have lost so many great legends who have in some way influenced our thinking, our fashion, our musical tastes and even our lives to a large extent.

On November 18, we pay tribute to some of these legends.

On the billing are the following 7 bands:

Eternity Minstrels:

They had a great concert at the end of September with a rocking performance at the Great American Rock & Metal Tribute. The band of Rajiv Sehgal Gilbert Haddad Fadi Stanboulieh Karim AlKhayat and Ali Joseph seem set to notch things up

Mudassar Jackson:


He is a single-man act who sings, dances and even looks like ‘The King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. Be sure to witness some great stage chemistry when he joins hands with the legendary Alaa Al Faqir to bring back memories of the great man.

Alaa Faqir:

is regarded as one of the greatest guitar talents in the region and there’s a reason why he featured on the ‘Lords of the Strings’ line up and he’s coming off the back of a collaboration with Dave Weckl. He will join artists on some classics honoring some of the greatest guitarists we’ve lost over the years. Do we see Gary Moore somewhere on that list?


Naser Mestarihi:

The quintessential frontman from Qatar returns to the stage with his original material while paying tribute to his influences over the years. His new band of Ziad Baig and Vivian Edward D’souza will be there to drive this show forward.

Photo cred: Sasha Maddah

Photo cred: Sasha Maddah

UpThe Ante:

One of the stand-out bands of the UAE with an almost perfect performance track record, you cannot go wrong when it comes to this Kabayan bunch who know exactly what chords to strike in more ways than one. Rosette Ruan Cabilla Balanay and Kram Zurc are a formidable bunch that lead the rest of this band to further greatness on the circuit


They proved beyond a doubt that they have what it takes to storm a stage and get the crowds going even at 2:30AM. Ridge Pereira and Mohd Junaid Rahman are no strangers to the scene and will be giving us some great classics from some HUGE Legends we’ve lost


The ‘Mighty’ Dominion will return to the stage with its melee of musicians that come from rather diverse backgrounds. We are told that there will be a special performance by someone we believe can honor one of the greatest frontmen of all time Ronnie James Dio Karim AlKhayat Ali Joseph Vinesh Nair Mustafa Curr will lead this all star cast.

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