For the first time in the Middle East, Metal Bell Magazine is proud to present “Roswell And Orchestra”.

Many musicians will be joining the Lebanese Rock band “Roswell”, where some of the most successful songs from the band’s 3 albums will be performed, in addition to some famous Rock covers with a classical music orchestra. Special guests will also be joining the stage next to the band and the orchestra.

During the event, FoodBlessed will be having a food drive to collect food for families in need, so bring what you can and donate!

click here to know what to donate to the food drive and other necessary details
Lentils, powder milk, beans, rice, wheat, flour, tea, chick peas, fava beans, cornflakes, cooking oil, noodles, pasta, biscuits, snacks, chocolate, candy, tomato sauce cans, and pretty much anything you think of will come in handy for the next meal of a family in need.
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DATE: Saturday December 3, 2016
LOCATION: Unesco Palace – Beirut

BANDS: Roswell And Orchestra, Ghiya El Asaad
25,000 L.L.

Tickets can be purchased online here:

Or you can buy the tickets from:
BACH Music Institute (Antelias)
Instruments Garage (Ashrafieh)
Haven For Artists (Beirut)

Call Us On 70 – 905 443 (Jbeil & North)
Or 70 – 477 467 (Other areas and inquires)

This one-night event will be recorded and filmed, to be later released in video and audio formats.

ROSWELL is an Alternative Rock band from Beirut – Lebanon.
Founded in 2005, Roswell quickly claimed their position as one of the most successful bands in the Lebanese Alternative scene, accomplishing 3 successful studio albums: “Reflections” (2006), “Out of Reach” (2011), and “Unraveling New Beginnings” (2015), as well as many radio hits, several music videos, and numerous national and international shows. Roswell has performed in many countries including the UAE, Jordan, and Egypt, and shared the stage with legendary English Rock band KEANE in 2012 and with Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes in 2015. In 2007, Roswell created one of their first landmarks by becoming the first rock band in Lebanon to perform with a symphony in an acoustic set. Other landmarks were made throughout the years, the last being Roswell’s “Unraveling New Beginnings” single from the album of the same name, going viral on social media and shared on many blogs, reaching a total of more than 42 thousand views on Facebook.

**Supporting Act: The multi-talented Ghiya El Asaad:

ghiya-el-asaadGhiya’s journey started at the young age of 10. Teaching herself to play the guitar and learning how to play the piano, she has developed into a passionate singer, devoted to self-expression through music-making. She began writing her own songs, describing what revolting for the sake of personal freedom means to her. Performing in local bars, various festivals, and different events, Ghiya has shaped her own style, which she describes as simple yet delivers several music genres into one.

“I find myself in what I play, I express myself through it, and I aspire to inspire people as much as I can through it. What they listen to is pure emotion, and being vulnerable and transparent with people who receive my music makes me…Ghiya

DATE: Saturday December 3, 2016
LOCATION: Unesco Palace – Beirut

Roswell And OrchestraThe United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the UN that works to foster peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science and culture. At Beirut’s UNESCO Palace, they frequently feature events such as lectures, exhibitions, and live dance or music performances. The main venue can host more than 1000 attendees with an international standard stage.

TICKETS for Roswell And Orchestra:

25,000 L.L.
E-Tickets are available on:
Tickets will be available Saturday 12th of November at BACH Music Institute (Antelias) and Instruments Garage (Ashrafieh).
All tickets purchased through the crowdfunding will get you a seat of the theater balcony.

Roswell And Orchestra – Unesco Palace, December 3
Roswell And Orchestra

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