JADAL Live In Dubai for the first time!
LOCATION: The Fridge
DATE: Friday 25th of Nov, doors open at 7:30 pm
ENTRANCE FEE: 80 AED – Tickets sold online and at the Doors

JadaL Live In Dubai:

JadaL translates into English as ‘Controversy,’ which sums up this Jordanian four-piece’s style. They may sound like American grunge heavyweights Deftones or Tool, but JadaL controversially turned the genre on its head by singing in Arabic. Releasing three top-selling albums and storming many a festival stage in the region, JadaL unite as a five-piece for a one-off special performance, featuring renowned singer-songwriter Ahmad Farah.
JadaL, the Pioneer Arabic Rock band from Jordan, was formed by Mahmoud Radaideh in 2003. They are best known for their hits “Salma”, “Ana Bakhaf min El Commitment”, “El Makina”, “Wahdeh Bteshbahek”, and Abdul Haleem Cover “Kol Ma gool El Tobah”, and more.

JadaL are known for their lively performances and their Genre, Arabic Rock, which can include everything from the two worlds, making you belly dance and headbang at the same part of a song!

JadaL now has three released albums, their latest was released on the 10th of July 2016 and was called Malyoun, contained 12 tracks, including the singles “Kanz”, “Malyoun”, “Itha Ihna Rohna”, and “Yumain O Leila”.


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