Having a tattoo has become more and more popular in recent years. While it is still a taboo for some, the tattoo mania is growing and there is nothing stopping it.

People get tattoos for many reasons and it differs from one person to another. Some people get them to make a statement, others to express a personal feeling or thought. Some to carve a certain memory or a milestone in their life. While others just have tattoos for the art of it. Some get them as a way to express their personality and passions… and the list can go on forever.

BTP Beer Tattoo Patry – Vol 1.  The Live Tattoo Show!

For those many reasons, Ozz Tattoos & Accessories, in collaboration with FUEL Garage Bar, have put up a special event. It is a new concept where you can: Drink your BEER while having your TATTOO in a PARTY. How crazy is that? But wait, that’s not all. The crazy and most interesting part will be: a camera shooting the tattooing process for everyone to watch on 14 screens and an LCD projector.

Moreover, every single one of you will be given a free lottery ticket which will give you the chance to win very valuable prizes such as: Vouchers, Free Tattoos, Free piercings, Discounts on tattoos/piercings, Free drinks, and much more.

So BTP Beer Tattoo Party is an event not to be missed.

Date: December 3rd, 2016
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Fuel Garage Bar (Mar Mkhayel)
Entrance: FREE
For more information: 03 003 425 – 03 372 908
Check out the event on: FACEBOOK.

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