Lambajain, Yukunkun Gemmayze on January 24th 2016.

Band: Lambajain

Date: January 24th 2016, 9:00 pm

Location: Yukunkun, Gemmayze

Entrance fee: 15,000 L.L.

Lambajain take on Yukunkun with their Post Rock vibes and a new line-up.

Lambajian is a Post-Rock band from Beirut, formed in April 2015. With few shows on their record, the band will give us yet another show at YUKUNKUN Gemmayze on Sunday January 24th.

In a small chat with Andrew Georges, guitarist of Lambajain, we learned that we are to expect a new sound from the band with this line-up, a sound that is more ambient mixed with heavy guitars.

Andrew goes on commenting on the band’s new line up:

“…Just interested in huge orchestral soundtracks… You know we’ve always enjoyed a variety of instruments and textures and going into this new direction is very much just us playing around with sounds and making sure we cover every part of the aural spectrum…there will be vocals that’s for sure… but we only do use vocals when they (just as any other instrument) are necessary to push forward an idea or a certain feeling. So yes there will be vocals but no they won’t be prominent”.

Lambajain are:

Andrew Georges (Vox-Guitar-Bass-Sounds)
Andre Mahfouz (Guitar-Piano-Keys-Vox)
Charbel Abou Chacra (Bass-Guitar-Piano-Vox)
Joe Abou Antoun (Piano-Vox-Keys/Synths-Sounds-Bass-Guitar)
Ramela Kouyoumjian (Violin-Vox)
Rami AS (Guitar-Noise-Sounds)

Lambajain, Yukunkun

So make sure to drop by Yukunkun on the 24th to discover the band’s upgraded line-up and the music they have to offer.

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