I’ve been following up on the AUB Music Club’s events over the past few months now, especially after their great gig “Sonic Resolutions” that took place back in January, and I must say these guys are really doing an astoundingly great job at keeping the music scene in Beirut alive. Not only do musicians in AUB now have a place to call home, but they also have a chance to showcase their talent in front of everyone! This is where the Club’s latest event – the humorously titled ‘PB & Jam’ – comes to the fore. If you’re hesitant about attending this event, here are five reasons to put you on the right track:

  • The venue is awesome: Nova has experienced quite a few changes over the past few years and will always remain a hub of diversity. At one point it was a haven for metal-heads; on some nights, it is the go-to place for salsa dancers; almost all local bands gigged there once; and lastly, jazz musicians love performing there. In short, the club is very spacious, the seating is very comfortable, there is a lot of space for you to jump and dance around, and the sound is just perfect.


  • Support local talent: Let’s face it, bands in this country – and the region as a whole – face so many challenges, be it purchasing very expensive equipment (because of the high taxes of shipping!) or finding a proper place to practice. Local bands deal with so many obstacles that push many of them, even the most promising ones, to give up and quit. For only 10$, you’ll get to watch five local bands performing their hearts out! (And you’ll also get a drink of course!)Poster for Metal Bell PB and JAM


  • The Lineup is very diverse: The Music Club in AUB has a reputation of showcasing very diverse acts in their gigs. Back in Electric Marmalade and Sonic Resolutions, the Club’s first two gigs, all genres were given justice: From folk to fusion to pop rock to metal, nothing was left out! And PB & Jam is no exception. Whether you’re a metal-head, into pop rock, blues or hard rock, you are guaranteed to enjoy the show on Friday.


  • The bands are darn good: Each band performing has either already performed on many occasions at some of the biggest festivals, or is comprised of musicians with a good amount of experience. 3two5 have performed at AUB Outdoors and countless times at the Backdoor in Mar Mkhayel; the Kool Kicks’ Alex Mitri has previously performed many times as either a solo act or as part of the Broken Vanilla duo; Cyril Abdo, from Cyril and Lynn is Waynick’s lead guitarist, a band that is definitely worth checking out; and Planet 9 is a power trio featuring some of the best musicians in AUB.


  • Iklil are performing! If you haven’t heard of Iklil or seen them live yet, then now is your chance! This band has been dominating the local scene in Beirut, playing everywhere from AUB Outdoors to Jim Beam Rock Festival. You do not want to miss out on them as they rock the stage this Friday!

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