Date: Saturday June 06

Time: 9:30 pm

Location: The Back Door – Mar Mkhayel

Entrance Fee: 20 000 LL + 1 Drink

Event Description:

“Sometimes,” Rousseau said, “it is possible to kill the State without killing a single one of its members.” But those days are gone, baby. Today’s revolution is a lie, and no one really gives a crap. We’re all gonna die.

There’s only one man who can save us.

His pajama is a business suit, and his bed is a bathtub full of boiled zucchinis. The aliens from planet Zabrango love him, and they abduct him on a weekly basis. He is the Sleeping Man who never wears underwear, and he’s coming to town to save us all from our miseries. Hallelujah!

Here are some inspirational quotes from the Happy Man himself:

“Don’t give up unless they throw rocks at your balls.”

“What doesn’t kill you now will come back to kill you later.”

“Every day is another chance… to fail.”

“Where is my face? God damn you.”