Date: Saturday, May 24th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location:  Concrete, Sin El Fil Highway

Entrance Fee:  20$ including 2 drinks/beers.


  • Highway 69: the Lebanese Version of the band System Of A Down
  • Benevolent (DUBAI): an experimental extreme metal band that exhibits a sonic connection of heavy, dark, poly rhythmic riffs and an eerie blend of sound.
  • Kimaera: Our Lebanese Ambassadors Of Doom

Bar Prices:

  • Beer 2$
  • Regular Drink 5$
  • Shots 2$

Mosh pits are highly recommended

Security, Bar services and Door control are managed by YM event
Sound and Lighting System , Stage and Back line are provided by Wicked Solutions

For additional information:
+961 70 985799

This event is strictly 18+