Date: October 2 – October 4.

Location: Amchit Beach.

Price: 10,000LL per Day, 3 days.


  • Maqamat 3ashwa2iyya // oriental jazz.
  • Claude Jreidy // acoustic rock.
  •  Abe // acoustic folk.
  • Jigers // celtic rock.
  • Dirty Enzyme // rock.
  •  Flugen // electro/psy/dub.
  • Ruby Road // post-blues.
  • Mono Soul // post-rock.
  •  Kinematik // post-rock.
  • Flum Project // electronic rock/ ambient.
  • Jad Taleb // electronica.
  • William Mahfoud // experimental/techno.
  • Thallo // post-rock/jazz fusion.
  •  Fy b // boogie bass tunes.
  • Al Sayed Darwish // arabic rap/hiphop.
  •  Al Asli // arabic rap/hiphop.

A Current Wave of Nectar  is a unique event this weekend, featuring poetry, music, visual, culinary, and spoken word art. All kinds of art basically, in one event. Don’t forget to throw in workshops and an open market, where drinks can’t be sold for more than 7,000 LL.

Read more at the event link!

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Dirty Enzyme Haven for Artists

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– Antoine Kanaan.

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