Date: March 7th at Byblos

Time: 20:00 – 03:00

Location: no venue name but COSMIC signs will be put up on the seaside road for directions

Ticket: $25 (2 drinks) – At the door $30 (+96176811720 or +96171449088)

“Ethereal” is the first event organized by Cosmic which is a collective organization. The main goal Cosmic stands by is supporting the local talent, especially the youth. This event will feature 1 oriental parade, 3 band performances and 2 DJs.

Cosmic was first established at the beginning of 2015 by Joyce Daccache with the help of many supporters. After being in bands/managing bands for over 3 years, Joyce found it very difficult to sustain an image in the Lebanese music scene especially if you’re a youth band. “When you’re young, nobody takes you seriously thus less concerts, less opportunities, less self-confidence. This is probably why the rock scene in Lebanon is dead, few people support youth bands which leads them to quit and stop playing music… All of that drove me to create Cosmic, so I can support and help the youth in Lebanon, and at the same time expose local talent”, Joyce says about Cosmic.


The bands that will be performing are:

  • Crude Mono: a grunge band formed in early 2015 and mainly influenced by Nirvana, Superheaven, Wavves
  • Decibel Hunter: an alternative rock band formed in late 2013. Their love for diversity is what makes the band so special, playing songs for Fall Out Boy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Weezer, The Locarnos
  • Eden: a thrash metal band formed in late 2012. Basically, the band’s main goal is to revive Lebanese metal. Its biggest influences are Pantera, Pretty Maids, Manowar, Black Label Society


All of that is followed by the hottest beats dropped by:
Vince Aoun
-Gaby Massaad

Here is where you can know more about the event