What happens when you place 12 talented drummers in one live performance with a bunch of professional musicians?

Find out on the 29th of March 2015, as Drumsens returns with its fourth event.

Drumsens is a performance-based, interactive music studio providing high quality drum tutoring for all levels and ages.
With more than a decade of successful experience in teaching music, Drumsens studio believes in indulging its young musicians in live performances, taking them from the lesson room and putting them right on stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship.


Featuring Drummers:
Adam Jamaleddine
Alma Saddi
Jad Dakroub
Luay Idriss
Millal Abboushi
Nader Chaya
Ranim Chaya
Roxanne Chehab
Talal Slaman
Zein Idriss
Ziad Hout
Yasmine Noureddin

Guest Artists:
Julianne Ostrosky (Vocals)
Lolita Mattos (Backing Vocals)
Samia El Harakeh (Vocals)
Shant Bajac (Guitar)
Omar Harb (Bass)
Pim Van Harten (Keys)
Edd & Chyno (MC)

Date: March 29th, 2015
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Metro Al Madina, Hamra
Entrance fee: 15$

Find out more about the event over here