In case you still haven’t heard, ROSWELL THE ACOUSTIC SHOW is tonight. The bands that will play are Roswell, Violent Peace, Grey Groove, yada yada yada…. you probably know all that. But who are they, really?


Roswell are the Lebanese band we all know and love. They’ve been around for about 10 years by now, and have managed to give us three lovely records. They’ve not only played in Lebanon, but have also played at a few places around Egypt.

These guys have a strong sense of Lebanese Nationalism, so you better watch out.

All jokes aside though, this is a band that has some really good music attached to its name. Not only that, this is their first show of 2016, and it’s an acoustic set. Better not miss it.

Violent Peace:

These guys are new, but not exactly.

They started a few years ago, and then the drummer joined last year (first show being Christmas Mission 2014). They’ve been gaining a lot of momentum since then, and frankly, it’s well deserved. They draw on a wide variety of influences, and have an EP that’s past the production phase and is just waiting to be printed. Their most recent show was Rock For Reinabelle.

This is Violent Peace.

Grey Groove:

Oh Grey Groove. They only started recently but just seem to play everywhere. Break The Cycle, Virgin Battle of the Bands, Rock for Reinabelle, Roy’s Hangout, you name it. They draw from a plethora of influences and mostly play cover songs, but just wait till you hear them. Every musician in the band is skilled and creative, and listening to them play is just a joy. If they do write originals, they’ve kept it close to the chest, but we’re all waiting for the day they release them.


– Antoine Kanaan.

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