Haven for Artists’ Autumn Sonata : As The Leaves Fall is a 3-day art festival organized by Haven for Artists.
The event will include 21 different musical acts of different musical styles including Madinat and Hezbel taleta, as well as the screening of 3 local short films, 8 public readings (including Dany Ayash & Carmina Khairallah), visual arts, culinary arts, workshops (yoga, percussion…), flea market, and many other activities.

DATE: Oct. 7th, 8th, 9th, 2016
LOCATION: Baysour Country Club
ENTRANCE FEE: 40,000 L.L. including: dinner on Friday night prepared by Lara Mehanna, complimentary tea prepared by Secret Potions.
Organized By: Haven For Artists

After the joy and exposure last year’s three-day festival brought about, Haven for Artists will host their second ever arts festival, Autumn Sonata : As The Leaves Fall.

Event Details:

“The end of summer emerges with the sonata of leaves. We move to the open stretches of fresh soil and a cool breeze to forgo the tension of Beirut traffic and heat. Haven will set up camp as the cicadas prepare to whisper in the night. We will lay to rest the old as we strum and paint to the passing of time.

The installations will be a reflection of the deteriorating structures found in the city. The stern and abrasive forms of day to day melancholia will be contorted with light and nature.

The first night will host screenings in the open air of short local and international films, and feature a screening and musical stage. A free culinary feast will be prepared in order to bring together all those that attend, to meet on Friday night.

A flea market and full farmers market will be available all through the weekend with cooking, performance, and music workshops.

An acoustic stage will be active throughout the day, lining the riverbed.

A note: the festival is not a rebirth, but the shedding of the skin, and the act of killing a part you have outgrown and restructuring oneself as a result of analyses and experimentation.”

A ticket grants you the right to camp as well as access workshops for the entirety of the festival.

►musical acts
_Madinat / experimental rock
_ovīd / space experimental rock
_al asli / rap
_al darwich / rap
_live hybrid / experimental live sounds
_thallo / fusion of experimental jazz and electronica
_Hezebel taleta / improv post rock
_sally ch / trip hop _experimental
_rayyan AK / obscure_industrial
_fly b / funk and flavour
_yakuzan / drum n bass _ sample production beats
_sam wehbi / experimental_acoustic
_jad and mortada / oriental
_maqamat 3ashwa2iyya / oriental jazz
_marianne ghanem / alternative acoustic rock
_aqua / native american
_daredevils of niagara falls / folk
_chaho / ambient
_mehrak & raed / rap
_al darwish / ambient_ethnic
_svend salha / classical

►local short films
_maria zalloum
_anthony yazbeck
_marjan shatila

►spoken word
_El walad
_Lynn saad
_Dany ayash
_Assem bazzi
_Carmina khairallah
_Thea khoury
_Dayna ash
_Debris stevenson

►visual art
khaled el werae // 3d mapping stage installation
_gerard rechdan // 3d mapping_sceneography
_sandy kastoun // mixed media installation
_stephanie richa // light installation
_nio c // metal installation
_rami chahine // natural installation

►culinary arts
_lara mehanna
_fresh fruits bar
_eshmoon chocolates
_fresh saj from the village
_farmers market
_secret potions

_healing and meditation

►flea market
_vintage shops // cameras, vinyls, books, posters, stones, rocks, and clothing

_a corner for item exchange // bring what you would trade off for something new, (i.e an old film, a shirt you’re tired of, a book you’ve read far too many times or sunglasses you no longer wear since your new pair matches everything)

_a string made wall in-between two trees where you hang your memories // upon entering the grounds, you are given a pen and paper, you can draw, write or visit the picture perfect corner and take a few pictures that you’d hang on the strings

_octo-paint printing designs on t-shirts (on the spot)
_skate and game show
_خيمة الدراويش للفرفدة والاسترخاء


● Where can I buy tickets & learn more about the festival?
Ѻ The Haven House in Mar Mkhayel

● What should I bring with me?
Ѻ Sweater and long pants, it gets chilly by the river
Ѻ Tent (there are tents available for rent, but you have to book fast)
Ѻ Cabins are available for rent
Ѻ Swimsuit and towel being that there is a river
Ѻ Mosquito repellent
Ѻ Hammocks

● What time do the gates open?
Ѻ Come set up anytime on Friday but the doors will be open officially at 6pm

❖ Invite open-minded people who share your passion for the arts.

For explicit details, visit the event page which can be located above!

Last year’s festival, “a current wave of nectar”, rippled into 2016; we could not let the summer go without having our own farewell ode to the passing of time.

This festival is by the arts, for the arts.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!