Jay Wud
, the UAE-based alternative rockers are coming back home. As part of their crowdfunding campaign, they are offering a free ticket to their upcoming concert with every pre-order of their new Album!

The performance at Beirut’s iconic Metro Al Madina will not only give fans a chance to hear some of the brand new material, but to also get involved and play an important part in propelling Jay Wud to the next phase of their career.

Contribute 25$ to Jay Wud’s crowdfunding campaign to get the awesome Digi-pack pre-release (high quality MP3 and album artwork, 2 weeks ahead of release), and you’ll also be able to attend Jay Wud’s concert at Metro al Madina on Saturday, 5th December for free! You also get a free drink courtesy of Stoli, and a badass set from alt rock pioneers Tanjaret Daghet.

How to do that? Here are 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Pre-order our album ?
Step 2. Come to our gig for free ??
Step 3. Have a drink on us!???

Get yours here! http://bit.ly/1HzNiRG

It is also important to note that the special guests, <<Tanjaret Daghet>>, are a Syrian rock trio whose music, lyrics, and raw energy transcend worldly struggles and uplift the spirit, will share the stage with Jay Wud – promising an unforgettable night of alternative rock with attitude, and a free drink!