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Syria’s Brutal Throne II REVIEW

Brutal Throne II REVIEW!

Event Description: Brutal Death Metal Concert by Maysaloon Band, Damascus, Syria.

Date: 23/11/2017.

Place: Mustapha Ali Gallery, Al Amin Street, Old City of Damascus.

Band: Maysaloon is a Syrian Metal Band, from Damascus city, founded in 2015, and released one album and three singles.

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

Members: Jake Shuker  –  Lead guitar & vocal | Dio Al Miqdad – Bass guitar |  Yousef Yazgi – Guitar

Guests: Antoun Siouffi  – Drums | Rami Ebrahim – Drums and percussion |  Khodor Nashar – Guitar & vocal (from Hunted Cellar Band)

Photos taken by: Hadi Abd Al Hak & Mark Shuker

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

The concert was awesome! Attended by 150 persons, who are fans of the band itself, and of this specific genre of music. We played 15 songs, 4 of them were from our album (The Forgotten Dawn), 1 song for Hunted Cellar, another Syrian Band, whom we appreciate and support. While the rest of the songs were covers for famous bands like Death, Moonspell, Septic Flesh, Obscura, Behemoth, Children Of Bodom, Deicide, and Dissection.

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

This concert, and most of our previous concerts, were in Mustapha Ali Gallery, it’s an ancient Damask House, in the Old City of Damascus. It is a living example of the Syrian ancient soul and traditions. It is located in close proximity of the military frontlines, where mortars and rocket attacks are conducted on daily basis. By choosing this place, we are saying, Metal will stay! It will remain despite this ugly war, despite this devastation, despite this death, surrounding us. That is why we started the concert by saying (هنا دمشق),it means Here is Damascus, from our Song Seals of Astarte.

The concert lasted for 2 hours; the audience was so thrilled and excited. We faced some challenges while preparing for it, some of them were out of our control. Transporting the instruments wasn’t that easy, especially at some of the checkpoints, as well as delaying some of the rehearsal sessions due to the security situation in the old city. In addition to that, we had some financial challenges.

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

During the concert, we were informed that several mortars landed in the areas surrounding the Old City, but this didn’t hold us back, we didn’t stop! We knew that the audience came to watch us although the situation was not that safe, and we didn’t want to let them down. The number of the attendees was small, comparing to the previous concerts (Rock of Ages, Ceremony of Doom), but this is a challenge which is out of our control. The situation in Damascus was so tense!

At last, we want to say that we, as a band, will continue to play our music, here, in this country, where death attacks us every day. Thanks to our fans who always support us.

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by Antoun Siouffi

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

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Legendary AC/DC Guitarist Confirmed Dead



Malcolm Young has unfortunately been reported dead. The legendary rhythm guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC was reportedly announced dead at 64 after a long battle with dementia. His family, who lovingly surrounded him as he passed away, have released a statement:

”It is with deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of Malcolm Young, beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother. Malcolm had been suffering from Dementia for several years and passed away peacefully on Saturday with his family by his bedside. Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many. From the outset he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans. Malcolm is survived by his loving wife Linda, children Cara and Ross, son-in-law Josh, three grandchildren, a sister and a brother. While thanking all for their overwhelming support and heartfelt condolences, the family ask that you respect their privacy during this time of heartbreak and grief. For those wishing to send messages to the family please visit the Sydney Morning Herald tribute site for Malcolm Young which will be available later today. The family have asked instead of flowers to send donations to The Salvation Army.”

Malcolm has been one of the most influential guitarists for almost 50 years, known for writing some of the most recognized riffs. Musicians all around the world have paid tribute to him online.

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