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Hellfest XV Part One

Now that Hellfest Open Air part one is done, It was time to take a small break, edit some photos and reflect on how it all went down.

Hellfest never really fails to surprise the fans, both intentionally and unintentionally and this edition was a true demonstration on how does it feel to be in Hell…

The festival opened its doors on Friday with a level of Heat Wave that is really rare in this part of the world. But this didn’t stop all the Hellbangers from having the time of their life.

Over two years without live music and being locked down in our rooms, a tiny heat wave won’t stop us from doing what we love the most, MUSIC.

Friday and Saturday felt like HELL… literally, the peak passed over 40° during both days and we all struggled, cause at the end, we all know that we would say: It was all worth it.

Fireworks were canceled in the first day, the organizers decided that because of the extreme heat and they feared for starting a fire, smart decision, this shows how much they value safety.

Here are some images taken by me, this is just a sneak peak, we will publish a full story after Part Two, where we will talk more about this historical edition and publish more photos to try and give you a small taste of Hellfest.

Next, are photos taken by Mayaz, great shots to have any idea what to expect in Hellfest and maybe, makes you go like, Fuck, I wanna be there too, next year.


A huge shoutout to everyone at Hellfest Headquarters, the management of this first edition was epic, safety was greatly prioritized and first aid teams were all over the site, a job well done on keeping everyone safe.

Keep an eye here and throughout our social accounts for Live Photos of Part Two.

Stay Heavy

HELLFEST: A Special Message

As promised, Hellfest released the following message yesterday, sealing the festival’s line-up.

All the fans have been waiting for the revelation of the final Headliner to close Saturday night 18th of June.

The team behind closed doors has been working very hard to find an alternative name that can replace Faith No More.

Through a mysterious video, Hellfest finally announced the band that will be headlining the night of 18th June.

You can watch the video down below to find out who’s coming:

Members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana Form a SUPERGROUP

A new supergrou is coming together with great musicians behind this new project called “3rd Secret”

Soundgarden‘s Kim Thayil, Nirvana‘s Krist Novoselic and, Pearl Jam‘s Matt Cameron joined by vocalists Jennifer Johnson and Jillian Raye of “Giants In The Trees” and guitarist Jon “Bubba” Dupree, formerly of Void.

Photo by: Mike Hipple ©3rd Secret Music


The band have quietly released their self-titled album, which you can stream now, and have launched a new website

This is their latest est statement published yesterday:
Thanks for all of the coverage with releasing 3rd Secret.
Nice to hear the reporting refer to a “Supergroup”! We’ll take it!!!

There is a video performance of the band in the works, which was captured at Seattle’s MoPop. These are the live stills we have provided. No real reason video is not out yet, other than same old delays. Releasing real soon, we promise!

We have added more royalty free images for people to enjoy and distribute.

The album covert art was created by : Tim Gabor


You can now stream the album below, let us know your thoughts


Meshuggah’s “Immutable” Album Review

Meshuggah’s “Immutable” Album Review by: Mayaz Dimashki

As someone who is a fan of djent, I never really got into Meshuggah, and when I decided to listen to this album I was expecting the famous 0-0-0-0 guitar chugs, and I was not surprised when this is what I got. Starting from the first riff in the first song “Broken Cog”, I realized that this album will not be surprising me with any genre defying music. 

While this album did not change the usual tone of Meshuggah as a band when it comes to their playstyle, it was also not even remotely bad, even for a person like me who is not that into the band. I actually enjoyed it! The technicality of their riffs, the blast beats by the beast Tomas Haake and Jens’s vocals are top notch. I usually judge an album by how many of its riffs get stuck in my head after I’m done with it and at least 5 riffs and sections have stuck with me here, which is more than some of my favorite bands’ new albums (looking at you Dream Theater.)

We start off with Broken Cog that sets the tone for the whole album, while not as complex and fast as the other songs, it still fits perfectly as a first track that eases the listener and grabs their hand leading them to the pits of hell that is the next track. The Abysmal Eye comes next starting with an immediate blast beat after the whispering outro of the previous track. I immediately fell in love with the guitar solo here, it made me feel entranced with how it fits wonderfully with the ominous vibe the whole song gives off. The same could be said about the next song on the list, Light The Shortening Fuse, which slows down a bit in the middle adding a tone of melancholy before Jens growls his way out of that vibe back to the general ominous tone the album has built up until now.

While the songs so far have been a bit on the extreme/djent side, the next song Phantoms adds some groovy riffs to the mix while maintaining the feeling of extremity and power. Going to a complete halt half way through with a nasty breakdown (I can already feel myself getting injured in the mosh pit at this exact moment.) Ligature Marks returns to the djenty vibes but adds some lead riffs that add a terrifying mood to the song before the vocals assert the fear. The next track, God He Sees In Mirrors, sounded the most Meshuggah to me, with a super complex solo line, deadly blast beats and overall harsh vocals.

Almost halfway through the album, we are welcomed with a calming clean guitar intro in the longest song on the album, They Move Below. This is in my opinion the crown jewel of the whole album, although it’s an instrumental. A lot of feelings get invoked throughout the song and the genius arrangement just gets better every minute as it gets heavier and heavier and more technical. Following that amazing trip, we are grabbed by the throat and pulled back down to the heavy riffs and vocals of Kaleidoscope, the highlight of this song is the technical solo around halfway through. Black Cathedral is 2 minutes of scary guitar riffs. I can imagine a 15th century church burning in the background, which culminates into the next track. 

Unfortunately, this is where the album starts feeling repetitive and boring, the songs quickly become very familiar and very predictive. While generally not a bad thing because they maintain the same theme throughout the album, it still feels like the album ended and is repeating the previous songs again. Up until the last track Past Tense which begins with a clean riff that takes you out of the repetitiveness and into a confusing and ominous feel for about 3 minutes then back to the “how long is left in this song still?” feeling.

Overall, I’d say the album is not a masterpiece, but it is also not bad. It is worth a listen if you’re not a fan, but you’ll love it if you are. The mixing and mastering is of high quality and the band is excellent in their instruments. I would give this album a 7 out of 10.


Album Art Cover and Track-listing:

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Broken Cog” MĂ„rten Hagström Hagström 5:35
2. “The Abysmal Eye” Tomas Haake Dick Lövgren 4:55
3. “Light the Shortening Fuse” Hagström Hagström 4:28
4. “Phantoms” Haake

Haake – Lövgren

5. “Ligature Marks” Hagström Hagström 5:13
6. “God He Sees in Mirrors” Haake Lövgren 5:28
7. “They Move Below” (instrumental) Hagström 9:35
8. “Kaleidoscope” Haake

Haake – Lövgren

9. “Black Cathedral” (instrumental) Hagström 2:00
10. “I Am That Thirst” Haake Hagström 4:40
11. “The Faultless” Haake Hagström 4:48
12. “Armies of the Preposterous” Haake

Haake – Lövgren

13. “Past Tense” (instrumental) Hagström 5:46

DREAM THEATER Wins “Best Metal Performance” GRAMMY For “The Alien”

Two nights ago, DREAM THEATER was awarded a Grammy in the “Best Metal Performance” at the 64th annual Grammy Awards,  DREAM THEATER was nominated for “The Alien”, a track from their 2021 album “A View From The Top Of The World”.

DREAM THEATER guitarist John Petrucci accepted the award on the band’s behalf.

“Wow, this is absolutely insane,” he said in his acceptance speech. “On behalf of the entire band, I’d like to thank the Recording Academy and everybody who voted for us. You know, they used to tell us our songs were way too long, we used weird time signatures and there were too many guitar solos. In fact, this song is in 17/8, so try to tap your foot to it. But we just won a Grammy, so I’m glad we didn’t listen… All the DREAM THEATER fans around the world, you guys rock. We love you. For fans of prog and prog metal, stay true to your art. And it’s alive and well.”

The nominees in the “Best Metal Performance” category were:

“Genesis” – DEFTONES
“Amazonia” – GOJIRA
“Pushing The Tides” – MASTODON
“The Triumph Of King Freak (A Crypt Of Preservation And Superstition)” – ROB ZOMBIE

When “The Alien” came out in August 2021, Petrucci stated about the track: “It’s the first one we wrote together. It gives people a window into what it was like when we initially met up after all of those months off. It has the adventure, the untraditional structure, the heaviness, and the hooks. It really set the tone for the album. James LaBrie wrote the lyrics about the idea of terraforming and looking beyond our Earth for alternative settlements. Since we’re going beyond our planet, ‘The Alien’ turns out to be us. I thought it was a cool and creative lyric by James.”


DREAM THEATER‘s previous Grammy nominations were for the song “On The Backs Of Angels”, from 2011’s “A Dramatic Turn Of Events” album, and the single “The Enemy Inside” from 2013’s “Dream Theater”.

The 2022 ceremony was the first since The Recording Academy announced that it has made significant changes to its awards process to ensure that the Grammy Awards rules and guidelines are transparent and equitable. The show no longer uses anonymous review committees to determine its nominees. Now, all nominees are based solely on thousands of votes from the Academy‘s voting members. They also changed the number of categories in which Academy members can vote and added two new awards.

Back in  January 2020, former Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan filed a discrimination charge against the Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences, alleging she was being retaliated against for reporting misconduct within the Academy. In the 46-page complaint, Dugan further alleged that “the Grammy voting process is ripe with corruption,” detailing secret committees the group used to “push forward artists with whom it has relationships.” She said that as many as 30 artists who were not selected by the 12,000 voting members were added to the possible nomination list.

Back in December,  during an appearance on MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn‘s “No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn” podcast Petrucci discussed DREAM THEATER‘s latest Grammy nomination.
He said: “The first Grammy nomination we had, FOO FIGHTERS were on there. And they won it. I remember Dave Grohl had said something like, ‘Oh, they should have got this,’ which I thought was nice. But this time, I don’t know if I’m gonna remember all of [the other artists that were nominated], but I think it’s GOJIRA and MASTODON [that we are up against], and it’s a cool list. I remember there were a couple of years where I was surprised at the nominees — it seemed a little bit strange — but this seems appropriate. So we’ll see. It’s fun. It’s an honor to get nominated. It’s cool. Doing what we do and the way that we do it and getting recognized in that world is something that I never would have expected. And now for us, this is the third [nomination], so it’s cool. It’s a good feeling.”

Foo Fighters Cancel All Upcoming Dates

The rock world was shaken las Friday to learn about the passing of Taylor Hawkins, drummer for rock giants Foo Fighters, he was 50. 
Now, the band have canceled all of their upcoming tour dates due to this tragedy.

Foo Fighters released the following statement:

It is with great sadness that Foo Fighters confirm the cancellation of all upcoming tour dates in light of the staggering loss of our brother Taylor Hawkins.
We’re sorry for and share in the disappointment that we won’t be seeing one another as planned. Instead, let’s take this time to grieve, to heal, to pull our loved ones close, and to appreciate all the music and memories we’ve made together.
With Love, Foo Fighters

This is no surprise at all and our hearts at Metal-Bell goes out to the band members, collaborators, friend, fans and, family during this difficult time.

An official cause of death yet to be revealed but, initial toxicology reports show that Hawkins had 10 different substances in his system at the time of his death, including opioids, THC and, anti-depressants.

An official statement by the Bogota municipal government said: the city’s emergency center received a report of a patient with “chest pain” and sent an ambulance on Friday evening. Paramedics attempted to revive him but there was no response and Hawkins was declared dead at the hotel in northern Bogota, the statement added.


Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Dead at 50

Sad news today as we report the passing of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The band posted the following statement on their Facebook page:

The Foo Fighters family is devastated by the tragic and untimely loss of our beloved Taylor Hawkins. His musical spirit and infectious laughter will live on with all of us forever. Our hearts go out to his wife, children and family, and we ask that their privacy be treated with the utmost respect in this unimaginably difficult time.

On March 25, 2022, the Foo Fighters announced that Hawkins had died, aged 50. No cause of death was given. In a statement by local health authorities, a call for emergency services was made because Hawkins was suffering from chest pain, while in his hotel room at the Casa Medina hotel in Bogotå, Colombia.
Health personnel who attended the scene performed CPR but Hawkins did not respond and was declared dead.
The band was on tour in South America at the time of the announcement and was scheduled to perform at the Estéreo Picnic Festival in Bogotå that night.

The festival stage on which the Foo Fighters were to perform that night was turned into a candlelight vigil for Hawkins.

Everyone at Metal-Bell sends their heart out to Taylor’s family, friends, bandmates  during this difficult time.


HELLFEST: “Beyond This Road”

“Beyond This Road”

« Si tu ne viens pas au Hellfest, le Hellfest viendra à toi ! »
La dĂ©sormais cĂ©lĂšbre tournĂ©e Hellfest Warm-Up est de retour aprĂšs 2 ans de silence. À quelques mois de sa plus grande Ă©dition jamais organisĂ©e, l’équipe du Hellfest reprend la route au printemps 2022 pour vous replonger dans l’ambiance unique du festival et vous prĂ©parer Ă  une Ă©dition anniversaire qui s’annonce exceptionnelle !
Au programme 21 dates pour 21 soirĂ©es uniques dans tout l’Hexagone en compagnie des patrons du Punk français, Tagada Jones et des Thrasheurs espagnols de Crisix.
Retrouvez aussi un tas d’animations Ă  chaque Ă©tape : scĂ©nographie, projections, Air Guitar, photocall interactif, merch exclusif et sans oublier des pass Hellfest 2022 Ă  gagner chaque soir !



– Tagada Jones (Punk Metal – Fr)
Plus d’un quart de siĂšcle que les TAGADA JONES tirent mĂ©thodiquement Ă  boulets rouges
avec une hargne invétérée sur tout ce qui les énerve : les dérives capitalistes, les inégalités
sociales, le sexisme, le nucléaire et les cons ! Le tout sur fond de punk rock sautillant, avec
des refrains fédérateurs (la marque du groupe) et un propos musical durci par une influence
metal davantage affirmĂ©e qu’à ses dĂ©buts. Tout un programme en attendant de les voir sur
la MS 2 en juin prochain !

– Crisix (Thrash Metal – Espagne)
Depuis 2009, CRISIX jouit d’une progression exponentielle qui ne doit rien au hasard tant le
thrash speedé et survolté proposé par les Hispaniques fait honneur aux classiques du
genre. AprĂšs un set sans public au Hellfest From Home 2021 qui a quand mĂȘme calmĂ© tout
le monde, les pizzaĂŻolos du Thrash vont profiter de cette Warm-Up pour remettre les
pendules Ă  l’heure pour une distribution gĂ©nĂ©rale de tartes dont ils ont le secret !


Rendez-vous chaque soir pour le grand concours de “Air Guitar » animĂ© par Jimmy Clisson
( MC officiel de la Fédération Française de Air Guitar ) et à travers deux vagues de
compĂ©tition oĂč s’affrontent 2 X 10 candidats. Les gagnants repartiront avec un Pass pour le
Hellfest 2022 ! (Les inscriptions se font directement sur place, sur notre stand de air guitar –
premier arrivé, premier inscrit !)
Tous les gagnants seront conviés à participer à la grande finale de air guitar qui aura lieu sur
la Hellstage le jeudi 16 juin 2022. Le grand gagnant sera sacré champion Hellfest et sera
récompensé par un pass 2023 !

Faites vous tirer le portrait par notre photographe Immortalizer sur notre photocall interactif.
En plus d’une photo souvenir, vous repartirez peut-ĂȘtre avec un Pass pour le Hellfest 2022 !

Replongez dans l’ambiance du festival Ă  travers une vidĂ©o inĂ©dite tournĂ©e lors de l’édition
2019 … quelques minutes d’immersion pour vous prĂ©parer Ă  l’édition 2022

Un nouveau stand de merchandising exclusif est disponible sur place avec une multitude de
produits Hellfest.

Tous les participants sont invités à récupérer quelques cadeaux de bienvenue pendant la
soirée (gobelets collector & goodies de nos partenaires)

Une partie de l’équipe de production du festival sera sur place, n’hĂ©sitez pas Ă  les solliciter
et à les interroger. Ils se feront une joie de pouvoir capturer vos témoignages et réclamations
et de répondre à toutes vos questions durant la soirée !

1 – 2 – 3 AVRIL : “FIRE & ICE” – FLAINE – Ski Resort (+ HELLBANGERZ / Sans Tagada
Jones & Get The Shot)
Pour son tour de chauffe, la tournĂ©e Warm-up s’installe sur la station de ski de Flaine, pour
une “FIRE & ICE” party de 3 jours avec le groupe HELLBANGERZ (pour un set de reprises
des classiques du rock / metal), mais aussi du air guitar, dj set, merch spĂ©cial et d’autres
surprises au pied des pistes.
20 AVRIL : RENNES – L’Étage
21 AVRIL : PARIS – Le Bataclan (+ AS THEY BURN)
22 AVRIL : NANCY – L’Autre Canal
23 AVRIL : BESANÇON – La Rodia
24 AVRIL : LENS – La ScĂšne – MusĂ©e du Louvre-Lens
25 AVRIL : REIMS – La Cartonnerie
26 AVRIL : LYON – Ninkasi
27 AVRIL : ISTRES – L’Usine
28 AVRIL : NÎMES – Paloma
30 AVRIL : CALAIS – Centre GĂ©rard Philipe
1er MAI : CHÂTEAUROUX – Firemaster Convention (Sans Tagada Jones & Get The Shot)
2 MAI : CLERMONT-FERRAND – La CoopĂ©rative de Mai
3 MAI : TOULOUSE – Metronum
4 MAI : BORDEAUX – Rock School Barbey
5 MAI : ORLÉANS – L’Astrolabe
6 MAI : BREST – La CarĂšne
See you on the road !
Merci à tous nos partenaires de nous aider dans cette nouvelle aventure itinérante :
RTL2, Sacem, CSTAR, Greetings From Hell, Dr. Martens France, Cartel Concerts, HYRAW
clothing, Flibustier Paris, PLP publicité, Flaine Ski Resort, Geek Me More, CrÚve, La Cité des Congrés Nantes



HELL’TOUR: Three days to discover the beautiful region around HELLFEST


As you know, this year, Hellfest extends over 2 weekends of festivities with a break from Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 June.

For the marathon runners who are going to chain the two editions (or those who want to extend / start the festivities), Le Vignoble de Nantes has prepared a tailor-made and special “Hell’Tour” guide for you (which has nothing to envy to the famous ” Guide du Routard”) to help you discover our magnificent vineyards and the Nantes region between the two weekends with various activities:

📾 – Visits: ChĂąteau de Clisson, Domaine de la Garenne Lemot, guided tour of Clisson special Hellfest…

đŸ· – Gastronomy: Hellfest Wine Tour, Antipasti Tasting, Trip to the Vineyard…

đŸ„Ÿ – Sport: Hiking in the vineyard, Canoe-Kayak on the SĂšvre…

🚌 – Discovery Days with transport to Nantes, on the Atlantic Coast, to Bluebeard’s castle in Tiffauge…

The guide can be found here âžĄïž

Other activities and events are being programmed and will be added as they go on the Office’s website:…/hellfest/

Footage: MACHINE HEAD Rejoined By Guitarist LOGAN MADER For ‘The More Things Change
’ 25th-Anniversary Play-Through

MACHINE HEAD celebrated the 25th anniversary of the band’s second studio LP, “The More Things Change
”, with a special full-album play-through this past Friday, March 18 at 3:00 p.m. PDT.

Joining MACHINE HEAD‘s Robb Flynn and Jared MacEachern for the event was original “The More Things Change
” guitarist Logan Mader. You can watch the full performance below.

Released in 1997, “The More Things Change…” was MACHINE HEAD‘s last LP to feature Mader, and the first to feature drummer Dave McClain. The album reached No. 138 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1997, and as of 2002 had sold over 115,000 copies in the United States. In 2020, it was named one of the 20 best metal albums of 1997 by Metal Hammer magazine.


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