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Summer Fusion 2016, Mocean Kaslik – August 27

Bands: 13 bands of various genres

Location: Mocean, Kaslik

Date: August 27, 2016 – Starting at 11:00 am, bands start at 02:30 pm

Tickets: 40,000L.L. (sold at the door)

Summer Fusion is an all-day beach concert that brings a unique blend of local talents together on a beachside stage.

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Interview With Roy From ROCKRING

Following last year’s Summer Fusion, we teamed up this year with RockRing to keep you updated on everything that is going around. As a starter, here is an interview with Roy Naufal, founder of RockRing Lebanon.

1- So, Summer is back and the Fusion is in the making. How excited are you about the 5th installment of Summer Fusion?

Nothing is more exciting than getting the music scene into one place in a unique fun atmosphere that doesn’t just revolve around getting a ticket and watching bands. Summer Fusion has more of a friendly community vibe, and since it’s an all-day event by the pool, everyone gets a chance to mingle around. The water games and bungee jumping will definitely add a new twist to the event!

2- How was last year’s comeback? Was it as you expected it? Did you face difficulties especially that there was a 5-year gap?

It was great. We were not sure what exactly to expect in terms of attendance after a 5-year gap, but the event proved well worthy and everyone who was there had a blast, and those who weren’t regretted not coming. This year, we’re hoping for an even better event and we are improving it on several levels and already preparing for 2017.


APRIL‘s performance from last year’s Summer Fusion. Check out this great performance and give them a shout-out in the comments

3- Last year’s Summer Fusion had what I believe to be the least amount of attendees among the other Summer Fusions. But it definitely made some noise, and this year, there is excitement all around. Are you expecting to break previous records with this year’s edition?

In the past, Summer Fusion and the previous events we did grouped a whole community under one umbrella. When there was an event, everyone was there without the need to even tell what the event was; people knew RockRing’s events and what kind of fun atmosphere they would expect when they come.

Commercial mass advertised events gather up a lot of people but who are very ‘disconnected’, so there’s no ‘friendly vibe’ in such events, whereas our events are more community-based so there’s a more friendly feel to them; it’s not only about the event and who’s playing, it’s also about hanging out with friends.

After a 5-year gap, this community needs to be ‘reconnected’. From last year to now, there has been a lot of activity and the event itself had caused enough noise to make 2016 bigger than 2015. We also connected with a lot of the community and people are aware of us and what we do, so we’re expecting a steady crowd growth in the coming events – we also have plans for several upcoming events such as Global Battle of the Bands and possibly international artists.

Metal Bell Stand

Our Stand at SUMMER FUSION 2015

4- According to your experience, how much has the scene changed (since 2006 when RockRing started and 10 years later)?

Mainly, the music community has become disconnected because there are no real hangout areas for music lovers, and medium-scale events are nonexistent. It’s either small pub events or big scale events like Byblos Fest. Our role in the past was that middle ground which connected everything together, and that’s what we’re trying to establish again.

5- What to expect from Summer Fusion this year? Will any new ideas be implemented into the festival?

We’re adding a more ‘summer’ twist to the event; other than the bands, there will be many more activities on location such as water games, possibly bungee jumping, and a few other things.

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Interview with Roy From ROCK RING

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