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DIRKSCHNEIDER is a group led by UDO Dirkschneider, the former lead singer of ACCEPT.
He formed the band and started touring the world with one aim, bidding farewell to his former band ACCEPT. He plans to play his material from his time with ACCEPT one last time. Continue reading

Anneke Van Giersbergen’s VUUR First Headlining Show REVIEW

Anneke Van Giesbergen’s VUUR First Headlining show REVIEW!

Anneke Van Giesbergen's VUUR First Headlining show REVIEW

Anneke Van Giersbergen was poised, charismatic, and down to earth. Two hours before the start of the show where she and her new formed band Vuur are going to headline for the first time, we left the tour bus where an in-depth interview has just taken place (find out all about it here). “It’s unbelievable” I said to myself “Unbelievable that a mega star like Anneke can be that modest and friendly”. I guess sometimes you have to see a person outside of the limelight to discover the human in them. To have a glimpse, only a little one at their true self.

Interview with Anneke Van Giersbergen

Interview With ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN Of VUUR – Ep 1 – Metal Bell Podcast

Interview with Anneke Van Giersbergen of Vuur - Ep 1 - Metal Bell Podcast! For our very first episode of ...

The place is Paris and on a cold and rainy Thursday evening of December, Vuur alongside My Propane and Scar Symmetry were ready to rock the Parisian night. Into the waiting line, I make my way and there to my surprise I meet many fans who came to see Scar Symmetry, a band that I didn’t know beforehand but for sure worth a listen. And for sure, all of Vuur’s fans waiting under rain drops to meet the stars of the night.

My Propane

The concert started with My Propane, a dark progressive band with one album under their sleeve (Modern Violent Gentleman-2013) with a new release coming soon. Their energy was quite remarkable with interesting melody lines and outstanding musicality. This band is definitely going straight to my Spotify playing list. Unexpected surprise…check!

Anneke Van Giesbergen's VUUR First Headlining show REVIEW

Scar Symmetry

The next act was the Swedish melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry. This band has a lot to offer: catchy riffs, dreamy melodies, strong growls, and spacy clean voice. By seeing the many die-hard fans in the audience losing it, I could say that Scar Symmetry has built a loyal fan base through the years even if this was the first time they play in Paris for a long time. Metal dose….check!


Then of course, it was time for the one and only Vuur. With their great melody lines, extreme music mastery, the spot on lighting, Vuur had the venue in their pocket!

Anneke, the front woman that she is, moved us all with her powerful, angelic voice proving again why she’s a power player in the metal world. She was on another dimension, moving us through space and time with her voice range and her undeniable presence on stage. She also plays an important role with the string section playing those important chords that add to the orchestra of steel.

But what caught my attention even more was the great harmony and connection between band members. Beginning with Ed Warby behind the drums, the guardian of the rhythm, he was spot on the whole concert bringing fluidity and beat to the sound.

And then there was the string section comprised of Jord Otto (guitars), Ferry Duijsens (guitars), and Johan van Stratum (bass). The energy between those three gentlemen was very satisfying to watch. Goofing on stage, making fun of one another, all while rocking the hell out of their instruments. With great solos of Otto, cut clear bass lines of van Stratum, and hypnotic rhythms of Duijsens, the mix was explosive.

They were not shy to include Anneke into their little stage games. Seeing the band on stage was a privilege. The playing, the amusement, and the stage atmosphere made the concert an extraordinary experience. A night to remember…check!

The setlist included mainly songs from Vuur new album “In this Moment We are Free-Cities”, but the surprise package were songs from “The Gentle Storm” (Anneke’s latest music adventures), a Devin Townsend song (Fallout), and the ending was no other than The Gathering’s signature song “Strange Machine” (for the full setlist, click here*). The only other song that I personally wished to be included was the power ballad “Freedom” from their latest release.

Taking a step back to see the whole picture, it seems that Vuur is one big family: The band members for sure but also lighting technicians, Evert behind the console and Robbin the tour manager who even with a broken hand because of a “stupid accident” (to paraphrase her own words) is around to make sure that it all goes smooth and on schedule for the band.

All in all, Vuur’s concert got the Metal Bell seal of approval! The only downside in my opinion was that there were some empty spots in the concert hall. An event like that really does merit a full house.

After the show, in a generous gesture, the band was at the merchandise booth for their traditional after party meet and greet. I make my way to thank Anneke and the boys for a great evening.

Then again, with a smile, with the lights almost out, and the energy fading away, we exchanged our farewells. The contrast between now and then tremendous just like the warrior’s rest after a glorious fight…. The balance is restored….. This is “Darkness and Light”…..

Anneke Van Giesbergen's VUUR First Headlining show REVIEW

– By  Maher Ajamane

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Interview with Anneke Van Giersbergen

Interview With ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN Of VUUR – Ep 1 – Metal Bell Podcast

Interview with Anneke Van Giersbergen of Vuur - Ep 1 - Metal Bell Podcast! For our very first episode of ...


SepticFlesh Live In Lebanon REVIEW

SepticFlesh Live In Lebanon REVIEW! – Check Out Event Details >Here<

Due to the recent rise of the scene within the last couple of years, metal heads expected none other than the almighty Greeks SepticFlesh. The event’s opening band was chosen by popular votes on Facebook, which was a pretty cool idea. The line up consisted of InnerGuilt, Verdict from UAE, and Deathlam as supporting acts to SepticFlesh live in Lebanon. Continue reading

Syria’s Brutal Throne II REVIEW

Brutal Throne II REVIEW!

Event Description: Brutal Death Metal Concert by Maysaloon Band, Damascus, Syria.

Date: 23/11/2017.

Place: Mustapha Ali Gallery, Al Amin Street, Old City of Damascus.

Band: Maysaloon is a Syrian Metal Band, from Damascus city, founded in 2015, and released one album and three singles.

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

Members: Jake Shuker  –  Lead guitar & vocal | Dio Al Miqdad – Bass guitar |  Yousef Yazgi – Guitar

Guests: Antoun Siouffi  – Drums | Rami Ebrahim – Drums and percussion |  Khodor Nashar – Guitar & vocal (from Hunted Cellar Band)

Photos taken by: Hadi Abd Al Hak & Mark Shuker

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

The concert was awesome! Attended by 150 persons, who are fans of the band itself, and of this specific genre of music. We played 15 songs, 4 of them were from our album (The Forgotten Dawn), 1 song for Hunted Cellar, another Syrian Band, whom we appreciate and support. While the rest of the songs were covers for famous bands like Death, Moonspell, Septic Flesh, Obscura, Behemoth, Children Of Bodom, Deicide, and Dissection.

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

This concert, and most of our previous concerts, were in Mustapha Ali Gallery, it’s an ancient Damask House, in the Old City of Damascus. It is a living example of the Syrian ancient soul and traditions. It is located in close proximity of the military frontlines, where mortars and rocket attacks are conducted on daily basis. By choosing this place, we are saying, Metal will stay! It will remain despite this ugly war, despite this devastation, despite this death, surrounding us. That is why we started the concert by saying (هنا دمشق),it means Here is Damascus, from our Song Seals of Astarte.

The concert lasted for 2 hours; the audience was so thrilled and excited. We faced some challenges while preparing for it, some of them were out of our control. Transporting the instruments wasn’t that easy, especially at some of the checkpoints, as well as delaying some of the rehearsal sessions due to the security situation in the old city. In addition to that, we had some financial challenges.

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

During the concert, we were informed that several mortars landed in the areas surrounding the Old City, but this didn’t hold us back, we didn’t stop! We knew that the audience came to watch us although the situation was not that safe, and we didn’t want to let them down. The number of the attendees was small, comparing to the previous concerts (Rock of Ages, Ceremony of Doom), but this is a challenge which is out of our control. The situation in Damascus was so tense!

At last, we want to say that we, as a band, will continue to play our music, here, in this country, where death attacks us every day. Thanks to our fans who always support us.

Please visit our profile on Facebook:

by Antoun Siouffi

Brutal Throne II REVIEW

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Grave Live In Lebanon | Concert Review

Grave, one of the pioneering Swedish death metal bands, performed on Lebanese territory for the first time on October 7th along with 4 Lebanese bands at Minus 5, Mkalles.

Continue reading

Review | Summer Jam 2017

There’s no better way for me to start this off except by saying that Summer Jam 2017 was absolutely thrilling, with its amazing performances, entertaining performers, and professional management by Maggie Varbedian.

The night kicked off with an acoustic set performed by Generation Gap’s front man, Jovan Jabbour, and then proceeded with the rest of the band. They started off with an original of their own, called “Neithen”, followed by a few covers, and ended their set with Marilyn Manson’s crowd-pleasing track “Sweet Dreams”. Despite the fact that the band’s front man was suffering from minor vocal difficulties, they still delivered a kick-ass performance. Way to go guys!

Next in line was Maurice Semaan, who was the biggest reason behind this event. Maurice performed a total of four songs, one of which was a tribute to his fiancée, Maggie Varbedian. The crowd was seized by the melody and beauty of the song as it was absolutely heartwarming. Some of the guests said, and I quote “that was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes”.

After that, for a night of memories was Nidal Ghannam, aka Nino, a talented guitarist who got everyone up on their feet, chanting as high as they could. His performance was a real switcheroo to what was expected by the Quadrangle guests! Nidal delivered a destructive performance and was admired by all the spectators (nicely done man).

And then there was Oussama Mash aka Ossy. His performance was not less than impressive and riveting. In between songs, Oussama dedicated a song to his wife in the audience, leaving her speechless. I personally noticed smiling throughout the whole song. The crowd gave it a thumbs up along with a headbang.

And last but never the least, it was time for Adnan Jabbado! Now this is a guy I’d pay to see, because he’s a musician, comedian, and crowd pleaser. He started off with the Game of Thrones theme song, saying in between that episode 4 has been leaked and started the show before he could get ambushed, followed by the all-time crowd seizer “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song.

In conclusion, the event was flawless, all thanks to Maggie Varbedian’s excellent management and Maurice Semaan’s technical aide during this whole thing, co-founders of Sledgehammer Production (you guys rule!!!). A special thanks to the sound engineer for his spotless work, the sound system and night couldn’t have been any better.

– Tarek Sekkar

Click Here For Full GALLERY OF SUMMER JAM 2017

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Dream Theater In Dubai Review

Dream Theater In Dubai Review

October 6 was the date many metal-heads were waiting for, knowing that they will witness one of the best bands of all time. A band that might be one of the reasons behind many of us wanting to become musicians and play our hearts out exactly the way they taught us to do.

The concert was supposed to start at 8:30 pm or at least that’s what everyone knew, but it started at 8 pm and that was one of the things why many people couldn’t be on time and a lot have expressed their complaints of the sudden time change.

The band played amazing songs with passion and as expected. One of my favorites was “As I Am”.

Dream Theater In Dubai Review


The drum solo played by Mike Mangini was breathtaking and blew everyone’s mind. Not to mention the almighty wizard Jordan Rudess on the keyboard. Even the vocalist James LaBrie told the crowd how he had to ask him if he was human after hearing his music before he became part of Dream Theater.

His words of motivation gave all of us some hope, that anyone can get where they want, if they really work hard for it. He also spoke about Dubai’s weather and how hot it was. Don’t worry James LaBrie, we all know that, and yet we are not used to the heat, so we can understand your struggle. But regardless of the weather, Dream Theater did a very HOT performance (pun intended).

The venue, on the other hand, gave everyone a terrible experience, as it was not organized. The Bronze ticket holders were way in the back where they couldn’t see the band at all. What made it worse was that the venue screens were off, so everyone in the back couldn’t see what was happening. Everyone that attended the concert wanted not only to hear the music, but they wanted to finally see the band and collect an extra beautiful memory they can hold forever. We have many musicians here in the scene and it would have been awesome if they could see the band perform even if it was on a screen but they couldn’t.

Dream Theater In Dubai Review

I myself was holding a silver ticket and was struggling to see the band and the only way I could was by using my phone. We wanted to light our phones on a song they performed, we wanted Dream Theater to notice us in the back and we just couldn’t. The security kept yelling at us every time we try to do so. I’m very disappointed with how the event was organized, and if many people with silver tickets knew how hard it will be for them to see the band, they would have gotten the bronze ticket anyway.

However, Dream Theater, your music was beautiful and breathtaking, the venue will never change that. We hope to see you again in Dubai in a better venue and be able to see you perform in a crazy yet DREAMY way. Thank you for coming all the way to Dubai to give us such an “astonishing” music and thank you for making our DREAM come true.

SETLIST | Dream Theater In Dubai

Act I

  • The Dark Eternal Night
  • The Bigger Picture
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • The Gift of Music
  • Our New World
  • Portrait of Tracy (Jaco Pastorius cover)
  • As I Am (bridged with an excerpt of Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’)
  • Breaking All Illusions

Act II: Images and Words

  • Pull Me Under
  • Another Day
  • Take the Time (extended outro with a John Petrucci guitar solo)
  • Surrounded
  • Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper (with a drum solo by Mike Mangini)
  • Under a Glass Moon
  • Wait for Sleep (with extended keyboard intro by Jordan Rudess)
  • Learning to Live


  • A Change of Seasons: I The Crimson Sunrise
  • A Change of Seasons: II Innocence
  • A Change of Seasons: III Carpe Diem
  • A Change of Seasons: IV The Darkest of Winters
  • A Change of Seasons: V Another World
  • A Change of Seasons: VI The Inevitable Summer
  • A Change of Seasons: VII The Crimson Sunset


Dream Theater In Dubai Review

By Rim El Jurdi.

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Skull Session 2017 ONSLAUGHT Live In Beirut REVIEW


Last year, when Blaakyum were touring Europe alongside the almighty Onslaught, none of us thought we’d get to catch them on home turf. So once it was announced that ONSLAUGHT would be headlining this year’s edition of Skull Session at Station Beirut, we all guessed it was going to be big. Especially when the line-up was composed of other great bands such as Blaakyum, Damage Rite, and Slave To Sirens. Continue reading


From the moment we arrived to the middle of nowhere, sarcastically, it felt like Home.

Nature embraced the scene and good music took refuge in the arms of holy mother nature. The good scenery, alongside the smells of fresh air and great beer, was the perfect place to be.

And the event’s “venue” couldn’t have gotten more punk. From the anti-ohm signs that directly alerted the hippies that this was no psychedelic ground to the DIY venue.

The river and its side were great and the tents of fellow camping metalheads were scattered all around it.
Soon afterwards, a fire was built and the animal-tolerant BBQ began. And we feasted amongst nature’s crowned lands. And it felt just right.
And finally, once the moon was lighting the skies and the soundcheck was over, it was time for the valley to acknowledge the great music presented by the bands.


Photo credit to: Selfish Gene

DIY started the concert with their well-known punk music setting the mood for great hardcore music. The headbanging began and the moshpits scattered all around right in the middle of the valley as no one was safe from the moshing! Covering a lot of ground from new originals to classic known covers such as Bite It You Scum and the event’s theme song ECSTASY KILLED THE ANARCHY.

Next were Black Leather, a new band with an old sound. The newcomers directly shifted the crowd from great hardcore music to good ol’ Rock N’ Roll. They went from a groove that introduced the crowd to the band, ending it with the awesome HighWay Demon. The band took us back in time to the magnificent rock music of the 80s.

Last but not least, came the almighty thrashers Agressor. The headbanging was back more than ever and the moshpits were nonstop. Starting it with their usual Willfully Blind, transferring the crowd back to old school thrash metal. And as a finale, the performance was ended with my all-time favorite TOXIC KARABALAA, leading to the formation of one of the most brutal moshpits I’ve been in.

Once the clock hit 12, the concert was done, but the night was still young, for we gathered around the fire playing unplugged guitar and warming our bodies with good Scottish fuel.

A new day welcomed us by the rising of the sun, and we fueled our bodies once again as we set to leave.
This event was worked hard upon and I’d like to raise a toast for the awesome men that helped make it happen.

Rock on \m/

Check out original event link >here<.


All photos are credited to Selfish Gene and Reema Harfouch


-Mohamad Yateem

Review | Mike Portnoy Shattered Fortress Paris Show

“A once in a life time event” – that is how Mike described this tour once it all started to become a reality. This is a fantasy to every Dream Theater fan since 2010, and it was indeed an incredible gift to us all. Mike Portnoy Shattered Fortress Paris show reviewed below.

Continue reading

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