GALLERY | BRICK FLOYD Live In The Flesh – 16 September 2017

On September 16th of this year 2017, Brick Floyd Live In The Flesh concert took place at the Lebanese house of musicians Quadrangle – Hazmieh. The band was able to get a full house of Pink Floyd fans and has put up a great tribute show.
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Gallery | BRICK FLOYD Live In The Flesh – 16 September 2017


Brick Floyd, a truly immersive and psychedelic Pink Floyd show. An intricate performance celebrating five decades of Pink Floyd epics and all-time favorites. A most ambitious stage production, with a new spectacular laser/light show!

Formed by family members, as a result of their love and appreciation for the band and their timeless music, this new show celebrates more than five decades of Pink Floyd, in an intricate performance of epics and all-time favorites from the classic ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ & ‘The Wall’, as well as ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Animals’, ‘Meddle’, ‘The Division Bell’, the recently released “‘The Endless River’, and more.

Keeping true with the live Floydian tradition of captivating lighting, visuals, and music. Brick Floyd’s spectacular performance and production truly captures the Floyd experience, that is sure to take you back in time and leave you mesmerized.


Performing the greatest hits from Pink Floyd’s conceptual masterpiece ‘The Wall’. As well as fan favorites from The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Meddle, The Division Bell, and more…

A real Floydian experience, now with a spectacular new laser light show and an even bigger stage production!

You won’t want to miss this exciting night! Join us Saturday, September 16th & bring your friends!

** 20,000 L.L. entrance fee includes 1 beer
**Show Starts at 9:30 PM


RSVP on 03-654257

BRICK FLOYD Live In The Flesh – 16 September 2017 Poster!

BRICK FLOYD Live In The Flesh



On August 16, Brooklyn-based punk band Bi TYRANT came all the way from the United States Of America to perform at Metro Al Madina-Beirut (check out event details HERE). The show didn’t drag a big amount of a crowd. But it surely got the right one. The event vibes were somehow weird even for punk fans. But that’s not all, a surprise act went on stage, they were Thrashers Slave To Sirens. They put up a great show and got a good response from the crowd. Bi TYRANT in Beirut was a one of a kind event that we hope will be done more often. Check out the gallery below.

GALLERY | Bi TYRANT in Beirut!


Bi Tyrant is a “Brooklyn [based] feminist punk band that sounds like Cinderella shoved a broken glass slipper down G.G. Allin’s throat. Armed with songs about cutting off Donald Trump’s dick, Bi TYRANT is a queer feminist punk band from Brooklyn on a mission to fuck the patriarchy and fart while doing it. Their album, Bisexual Tyrant, holds messages of body positivity, queer positivity, women’s rights, + defending Planned Parenthood.” From Bi Tyrant about page.


Benefit for Females in Rock Music
Metro Al-Medina
Wednesday August 16, 2017

Bi Tyrant is an all-girl anarchist, feminist, queer punk band based in Brooklyn, NY making music for the liberation from patriarchal oppression and confronting gender and stereotypes. The live Bi Tyrant experience is an outlet, inciting dialogue around freedom of choice, e.g. over one’s body, to marry, to bear children, to love- who and how.

Special Guests TBA!

100% of the proceeds go toward community-building efforts and inspiring more female participation in the Lebanese rock scene.

Wednesday 16 August 2017
Doors open at 7:30 PM
Concert starts at 8:00 PM
Ticket: 20.000 L.L

Sound engineer: Elia El Haddad
Stage technician: Iyad Cheikh & Hagop Jinbashian
Metro Al Madina
Hamra, Saroulla Building(-2)
Ticketing: +961-76309363Mondays to Saturdays: 10 to 9 pm, Sundays: 2 to 9 pm

Wheelchair access available upon request

Gallery | Mike Portnoy Shattered Fortress Paris Show

MIKE PORTNOY’S Shattered Fortress Live In Paris

BANDS: MIKE PORTNOY‘S Shattered Fortress (prog gods) | NEXT TO NONE (prog)
LOCATION: Le Trianon – Paris
DATE: Friday, July 1, 2017
ENTRANCE:  38.5€

ORGANIZED BY: Garmonbozia Inc. in association with Hexagon Booking Agency

Gallery Mike Portnoy Shattered Fortress Paris

Photos By: Sharbél Kanoun Photography

MIKE PORTNOY’S Shattered Fortress Live In Paris


THE SHATTERED FORTRESS is by no means a new project by Mr PORTNOY but an exceptional and unique event. Accompanied by members of HAKEN and NEAL MORSE BAND, Mike PORTNOY will perform “12 Step Suite” in its entirety for the first time as well as a selection of classics from DREAM THEATER.

Line up: Mike Portnoy, Eric Gillette, Charlie Griffiths, Diego Tejeida, Richard Henshall, Conner Green, and Ross Jennings

Joining THE SHATTERED FORTRESS are none other than NEXT TO NONE (whom we interviewed last year >here<). The band was formed in 2013 and spent several years performing live and writing music. In 2015, Next To None released their first album, “A Light In The Dark”, through Inside Out Music and produced by Mike Portnoy. This album received rave reviews worldwide, which credited them as one of the youngest bands to break into the progressive metal genre, also landing Max Portnoy Rhythm Magazine’s “BEST NEW DRUMMER OF 2015” award.

Line up: Max Portnoy, Derrick Schneider, Kris Rank, and Thomas Cuce.

Shattered Fortress Live In Paris

Date: Saturday 01.07.2017 – Paris, Le Trianon

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GALLERY | Winter METAL SLAM March 11, 2017


DATE: Saturday March 11, 2017
LOCATION: Metro Al-Madina
ORGANIZER: Metal Bell Magazine

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GALLERY | Metal Gathering February 11, 2017


DATE: Saturday February 11, 2017
LOCATION: Metro Al-Madina
ORGANISER: Metal Bell Magazine

Sponsors & Supporters:
Instruments Garage | Rock Insight Organisation | Better’fly | GM Music Entertainment | Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) | Meinl Cymbals | Metality |

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PHENOMY | Once And For All Album Release – Gallery

The fast-rising Lebanese Thrash Metal band PHENOMY released their debut album “ONCE AND FOR ALL” on NOVEMBER 1st, 2016 at STATION Beirut.

Lebanese Thrash/Death Metallers, InnerGuiltheadlined the show in support of Phenomy, as an act to push and support up-and-coming bands in the scene.

A special and successful debut was for Slave To Sirens, who were launched by Metal Bell Magazine during the event as the opening band! Slave To Sirens left a great impact on the crowd and we will be seeing more of them soon \\m//

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Acoustic Pink Floyd Tribute with Durga McBroom, The Quadrangle – March 3rd

Band: Durga McBroom, Amadeus Awad, Rida Hallal, Salim Zahra, Christophe Haroun, Abdo Sawma

Location: The Quadrangle Live, Hazmieh

Date: March 3rd, 2016 – 9:00 pm

Entrance Fee: 30,000 L.L.

Lebanese progressive musician Amadeus Awad has been posting pictures of him and American singer Durga McBroom with captions hinting at a possible collaboration.

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GALLERY: Dream Theater Night – The Third Arrives

Turbulence have been much associated with Dream Theater; we can tell it’s their favorite band already. Since Night 1 & 2, tonight was much anticipated and people have been waiting for it: Dream Theater Night |The third Arrives. Continue reading

GALLERY: APRIL – “Archives Of The Mind” – Album Release Event

Friday the 13ths always have something special about them, and this one was no different. What’s special about this day is that it held a pleasing night for every music lover: the release of April’s first EP after 4 years of playing.

The event took place at Metro Al Madina in Hamra, a place progressive lovers would now call home, since most progressive bands play there. Metro Al Madina sure is a good venue for progressive metal/rock, as fans of the genre vary from metalheads who want to headbang and move around to the older generation who wants to sit and enjoy the show.

Doors were supposed to open at 9:00 pm, but didn’t until 9:45 pm. Though the lobby, where the bar is, could be a good place to wait and chat, the music they play there is way different from what everyone came to listen to, leaving you with no option but to wait outside or get a headache.

Dirty Enzyme, the post-grunge opening band for tonight, started at 10:20 pm. For almost 40 minutes, they played a list of their own songs: “Never Let the Woman”, “It Means Nothing”, and “While I Lay My Head” which is a tribute to Kurt Cobain and was quite interesting. Then Ayman Zebdawi, a friend of the band, joined on the keyboards for two songs: “Paradise” and “Pending Intentions” which had post elements and some jazz on the keyboards. Dirty Enzyme continues with “Absence”, a newly written song and then “Grungeadellic”, a psychedelic grunge song. The band had to remove one song, “Don’t Leave Me”, due to lack of time, something which should have been managed more properly by everyone. However, all songs were well played, and they put a great show with one thing to note: every song was different from the other, and Dirty Enzyme is yet to find a solid sound for the band. Unless diversity is what they want, which means harder work, if put properly, could give greater results.

About 15 minutes later, April was on. Now, April, as labeled, is a Progressive/Psychedelic/Ambient Rock/Metal band, but after watching the show, all those words don’t matter anymore, because it is simply great music.

The band started with an intro jam followed by Dream Theater’s “These Walls”. Then they played their first original from the Ep, “Deconstruct”, a song about the mental gap that is preventing the character from grasping a genuine sense of happiness in his existence out of social distorted theories and dictations. Following up, they played two Porcupine Tree songs, “Trains” and “Open Car”, and the second original, “Ephemeral”, which is about a girl’s expression of a mental struggle concerning a past love whose loss is also mourned by Nature. Three other songs were played: Blackmore’s Night’s “Diamonds and Rust”, Tool’s “Jambi” and Porcupine Tree’s “Anesthetize”, before playing their last original, “Subtle”, a song about a character in a conflict between carrying on his self-indulgence in his guilty pleasures and redeeming himself from this twisted pain that fulfills him; he suffers in the process that reveals his acts to him in order to decide how to crack this mental split. The last two songs for the night were Dream Theater’s “Forsaken” and Tool’s “Right in Two”.

Everything was set to be great, and there were no problems with lights and sound; it was a night to look for. Both bands have put a good performance and people definitely enjoyed as comments about the event were great.

For those who didn’t get the EP, April lately released a booklet with the lyrics from the EP, and will soon announce how to get your copy of the EP, and in this case, I strongly recommend you get one.

Prog Night – Animal City, Naher El Kalb (Photo Gallery)

Three bands (DIRTY ENZYME, APRIL & TURBULENCE) gathered at Animal City Zoo – Naher El Kalb for a great progressive night. With all the technical issues that faced the bands, the night was something not to be missed and hopefully, there will be more to come.

Keep an eye on Issue 6 that will be released in a few days for a review of the event.

For now, enjoy a selection of photos by our photographer Nancy Jdid:



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