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An Interview With Sound Of DeGeneration

– Hello and thank you for granting us the opportunity to interview you.

1. Let’s start with the band name first. What did inspire the band’s name “Sound Of DeGeneration”? Was the name change from “RebellioN” to “S.O.D.” because you switched from performing covers to only performing original songs?

“Sound Of DeGeneration” was originally a song of ours that we wrote for the album. It talks about the music scene nowadays, and when we were finalizing the theme of the album and the band, we crossed minds that since the name Rebellion is already taken and Sound Of DeGeneration (song) was maybe the exact identity that we were looking for, we decided to name the band Sound Of Degeneration or S.O.D. And since we still play somehow traditional Heavy Metal, the name did fit us perfectly.

And regarding switching from covers to originals, well we were always a band that played originals along with some covers here and there. We just wanted to express our disapproval of music nowadays starting with the band’s name, we are still a rebellion against what is marketed as music on radios and TVs.

2. Why did you choose to compose 80’s-influenced metal music rather than going into a more modern sound?

It wasn’t a matter of “choice” to write 80’s metal. We all listen to or prefer that genre or color of music individually and at some point it helped us to get through life. When we met as musicians, we agreed on that, since nowadays there are few bands that still do 80’s heavy metal, we can make our new music with the 80’s taste, maybe it’s somehow a payback gesture to honor those legends that made all this beautiful music.

3. The album has been in the making for a while and you guys posted a Demo last July, when can we expect the album to be released?

The album, yes, it has been in the making for a while, we are rerecording some parts of the songs and we will send them to get a professional mixing and mastering. Hopefully we can release it this summer, since it’s a self-funded effort and it wasn’t easy finding the right balance.


4. What will the album be about? What are the subjects that it will cover? And what to expect musically from it?

The album will be rebellious as we pointed before. Life, music, and our daily sufferings. Somehow giving hope in life to our listeners, with our heavy tunes and a bit aggressive vocal lines, hopefully our message will be delivered.

5. You have performed in several events and lately you graced Metal Bell’s 6th Anniversary stage. What is your favorite memory or story from the shows you have performed so far?

Every show has its own beautiful memory. We remember every single one of them and if we’re gonna tell stories about them, I don’t think this interview will be enough, lol.

6. What should the people expect from your upcoming shows? Will they be the same or are you going to give each event a different flavor?

People should expect loudness and heaviness, that’s guaranteed. Our show as we are known by it now, we will be dynamic, we will do our best to be worthy of people’s time and money. In every show, we try to make it different from the other, it depends on the location and space where we have to perform our show.An Interview With Sound Of DeGeneration

7. Do you think people prefer Rebellion or Sound Of Degeneration more? Meaning do they prefer when you used to play covers or when you play originals more?

We think people got it by now that there is really no difference between S.O.D and Rebellion. At the end of the day, we are the same style, same concept, same show. Just the name sounds better now.

8. Next stop is Loud N Heavy event at The Palace and then Legion at Metro Al Madina, what should we expect from Sound Of Degeneration during both concerts?

Yes, we do have 2 upcoming shows and we promise we will do the same effort in both shows. We will be playing the entire set of our upcoming album with 2 new songs added, one of them is our vocalist’s old band ObliVioN’s original (Flying High) and our latest composed song Rebellion. We will be announcing that finally our lineup is complete with 2 new members, Ralph as a drummer and Jack on guitar.

9. Any last words, news that you would like to share with our readers?

Our last words will be: We love you all, we hope you will enjoy our show, and we hope that you are excited as much as we are. It will be a night to remember.

Thank you for your time and see you at both shows Loud N Heavy and Legion.

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An Interview With Reigen

– Hello and thank you for granting us the opportunity to interview you.
1. To start the interview, we would like to ask some basic routine questions. So let’s start with the band name first. According to your biography, the band was called “Reigen Beast”, but now the name was changed to simply “Reigen”. Can you tell us why you chose this name, and why killing the beast?

The choice of the name came from the influence the Japanese culture had on Ghaith, as Reigen means heartless in Japanese. The name was chosen to emphasize the corruption of the “system”. So Reigen Beast was Heartless beast.

The word beast was dropped recently, as we have chosen to not stick to one idea in our songs: Criticizing the system. Though one of Ghaith’s dreams is to slay such beasts in the most non-violent way.

2. Reigen started in 2008 and disbanded in 2014, although we haven’t noticed an activity for the band at least in the bigger local scene. Tell us about the band’s journey during these years. Where did you perform and what is your favorite memory of that era?

From 2008 until 2014, Reigen was partially active. Those years were very tough for the band as we had a lot of line-up changes. During that time, the band performed in many events; ones organized by the LYC, others were self-organized and some were very special events such as playing for the municipality of Roumieh once, and another time in support of the Lebanese Red cross. We used to perform at Nova pub alongside the Lebanese band Rebellion (now Sound of Degeneration) before the pub transformed into whatever it is now. We also performed at Quadrangle in 2014 which was that era’s last performance.

Ghaith’s favorite memories of the time was actually when he had to pick up all the members in his GMC Suburban to go and perform in a gig or in a practice. He says it was fun to have all the members and equipment fit in one car and just hit the road.

3. What was the reason for the band to disband in 2014 and what was the reason for it to reform in 2017?

The band was disbanded due to many factors. We used to practice at LYC which demanded membership payments that some of the members couldn’t afford. The first drummer had to leave to maintain his grades at university, then the second drummer who didn’t own a drum kit couldn’t afford his own cymbals, keys players whose dreams were too big to play in a Metal band. Finally, the last drummer of that era, Jad Abi Khalil, performed his last gig with us in 2014 and then left the country for good afterwards, thus the band was disbanded.

4. The band jumped styles from covering Heavy Metal anthems to composing your own progressive originals. Why the sudden style change?

The change was not sudden. Actually, Ghaith had already composed a song with Mike El Khoury for Reigen Beast: “The Land Between the Two Rivers” since 2008. Ghaith kept coming up with some riffs but he never had people like Mike around him to share his ideas of writing. And then came Mark Bitar, who is now, alongside Mike, the main composer of the band. Ghaith found in Mark and Mike’s compositions what he always wanted to write but couldn’t. Most members are influenced by Opeth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, and other progressive bands, and Ghaith likes that and he also loves Metallica, Megadeth, and Savatage. A mix of those influences has given birth to our Originals. Thus, once we had enough material, we decided to go from a Full cover band to a Full original songs band.

5. Your first show after the reformation was at AUB Outdoors 2017, how was it to be back on stage, and did you get a good reaction from the crowd?

Being on stage at the AUB Outdoors was great; our performance was not bad at all though we played only covers and we had back then another Vocalist, Chris Attieh, and no keyboards. The problem is… the crowd was limited to some of our friends and relatives. We hadn’t marketed our performance the right way before that day. We had performed:

  • Revelations – Iron Maiden
  • A Tout Le Monde – Megadeth
  • 18 and Life – Skidrow
  • Turn The Page- Metallica
6. Two years later, your show at Quadrangle, the place was packed, great feedback came after the show. Tell us about the whole experience.

Before going to Quadrangle, we had recently started playing our originals as Ex-founder Karl Diab had left the band and Mike stepped in to fill his role as a composer and Lead guitarist. As soon as we had some material done, we decided to hit the stage. We marketed it the right way, especially from Charbel Ghafary’s side, who has good public relations skills. We prepared for that event as if we were preparing for a performance at the World’s biggest stage. First impression of us that we give to the crowd was all that matters. And as you have heard, it went well. We got epic feedback, we were very satisfied with our performance, though if the quality of the sound was a little better, we could have enjoyed it to the max.

7. During Quadrangle concert, you played some originals, how was the reception of the crowd for the originals and did you get any feedback that made you want to adjust or change some of the music you composed?

Well, the audience loved the originals more than the covers to be honest. We had some feedback from M. Bassem Deaibess [Blaakyum frontman] as he once attended one of our practices and helped us make some changes in some parts of the songs. But the crowd never complained about any of the songs performed on that day. And the end result was the huge success of that event.

8. Next stop is Loud N Heavy event at The Palace, what are we expecting from Reigen during the concert? 

For the Loud N Heavy performance, Reigen will give the crowd 2 new originals alongside the 4 that were played at Quadrangle, and 2 covers, one dedicated for the mainstream metal fans and the other would satisfy the less mainstream fans.

The originals in no particular order:

  • Fall of an Empire
  • Rivers Running Red
  • Behind the Curtains
  • The Land Between the Two Rivers
  • When the Bell Strikes Midnight (New song)
  • Oriental Rise (New song)
9. You just released your debut single to the world, “The Land Between The Two Rivers”. Sounds Biblical if I might say. What is the song about, and how do you describe the music?

The song has been released now and can be found on YouTube. It does sound very biblical by title, but it isn’t by content. It actually talks about a land that once visited, you can see the beauty and the magic of this place (1st verse), the more you spend time there, the more sinister things you can see underneath the outer beauty (2nd verse in particular), and finally the 3rd verse is the representation of the corruption and evil in this land. The song has another completely different hidden meaning, that Ghaith (who wrote the lyrics) had shared only with one person in his life, even the other members of Reigen have no clue of it. The song is quite long, 8 minutes 25 seconds, we had some complaints about the length. The thing is we couldn’t remove any parts of the song as the music evolves with the lyrics. We also feel that it gives it its “magical” mood. We hope you like it and hope we can get some comments from your side on it.

– Thank you for your time and see you at Loud N’ Heavy.

It was a pleasure doing this interview. Thank you for your support.


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ANGRY FARMERS A New Lebanese Band

“We are Angry Farmers and we play Rock n’ Roll.”
That’s pretty much it!

A Lebanese band was formed last October joining Tex the VocaGuitarist, dr H. (hagop) on bass and later on, after their original drummer’s departure from the country, Joe A. on the drums.

Since their early jams, Angry Farmers didn’t have an interest in playing cover songs, they went straight to the point making music “out of the heart and years of experience”.

When we spoke to Hagop and Tex, they stated that “influencing people, making them play music and express themselves in any way possible are our main, yet most important, goals”.

ANGRY FARMERS a New Lebanese Band

Angry Farmers’ music is inspired by life experiences, love, hate, pain and music genres going from Punk to Grunge Stoner to “real” Doom.

The band has an album ready in their pockets. On April 20th, Witches Brew was released with a music video, followed by Witch Doctor on the 27th.
The album Pest Control is scheduled to be released on May 4th, but Tonight during Metal Night that will take place at The Palace Hamra, the band is going to pre-release it and sell you copies for only 5000 L.L.

Metal-Leaks | New Song Released Unofficially

Year after year and the Rock and Metal scene in Lebanon is progressing and evolving and day after day we are witnessing a new release, a band that is touring abroad, or even participation in major international festivals. Today, we discovered that a new song was released unofficially by one of the most entertaining rock bands in town. And we just leaked it to you, in this article, even before the band officially announce it or set a date for its release.

In Sanity Q has long become a household name in the Lebanese Rock scene, building a reputation for themselves as one of the most entertaining Rock bands in Lebanon. The Qs aren’t only about the music but also about the show, the theatrical rock show, that is mastered by every member.

New Song was Released

The style however, as much as it is defined as Rock, is full of punk and early metal influences. Tonight, Metal Bell Magazine is premiering “F**k Peace”, a new track by the almighty In Sanity Q. The song starts with calm arpeggios and vocals that will make you think this is an Iron Maiden song. But soon enough, the song kicks into a rock punk style.

The recording vintage quality take us back to early years of Metal which adds up to the beauty of the track. Listen below to “F**K Peace”, the new song released today.

Listen to the song HERE

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Skull Session 2018 All Has Been Revealed

Lebanon’s biggest Metal Concert in recent years is back with its third edition, Skull Session 2018 – The Underground. This year’s installment will feature five local bands. Four of which are well established bands and one fresh out of the oven as the opening act. Continue reading

ZIX Signs New Record Deal & Releases New Single ft. HANSI KURSCH

There is a great and promising year ahead  for one of the most prominent Heavy Metal acts in Lebanon, ZIX.
On August 30, 2018, Zix announced on Facebook that they have switched from German label “Pure Steel Records” to the international moguls “Universal Music” by signing to their MENA offices. Zix is the second Metal act to sign with Universal MENA following in the footsteps of Ostura (Read about it here). Continue reading

KILMARA Release “Out From The Darkness” Single & Music Video

KILMARA have released a single & music video for “Out From The Darkness“. The song is taken from their fourth album ‘Across the Realm of Time‘, out August 31, 2018 via ROAR Rock Of Angels Records. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Roland Grapow (Lords of Black, Masterplan, Squealer, Black Majesty, Eagleheart…). Artwork made by Didac Plà.

Guests on the album are Jordi Longán (ex-Ipsilon) keyboard solo on Principles of Hatred, Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) start guitar solo on My Haven, background vocals on “Crawling From Darkness” and “Out From the Darkness”, Viktorie Surmøva (Surmatra, Rosa Nocturna, Victorius) vocals on I Shall Rise Again.

The powerful melodic metal band KILMARA present their new masterpiece “Across the Realm of Time“. After three critically acclaimed albums, the debut “Haunting Dreams”, the work that put them on the world map, “Don’t Fear the Wolf”, and their fantastic third album “Love Songs and Other Nightmares”, it was time for KILMARA to make their fourth album, the most important of their career. With the incorporation of the American singer Daniel Ponce and the virtuoso Argentinian guitarist Miguel LaiseKILMARA return to revolutionize their sound being now more melodic, faster, and powerful, but without losing the class and mastery that characterize them. “Across the Realm of Time” is the definitive work and consecration of KILMARA, a new step to conquer all lovers of quality metal.


KILMARA has created a collection of incredible songs that are inspired by melodic heavy metal and European progpower metal, always looking for a modern and elegant sound. KILMARA is today one of the most powerful and innovative bands to consider in the modern metal scene. With a past-present-future concept as a basis, this is a circular work in which to submerge and let yourself be carried away by the passion that exists in each topic from beginning to end.



  1. …And into the Realm
  2. Purging Flames
  3. The Silent Guide
  4. The End of the World
  5. My Haven
  6. Principles of Hatred
  7. The Forge
  8. Disciples
  9. I Shall Rise Again
  10. Out From the Darkness…

The album can be pre-ordered here.


John Portillo – Guitar
Miguel Laise – Guitars
Dani Ponce – Vocals
Javier Morillo – Drums
Didakio – Bass

Stay connected with KILMARA




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Electric Warriors

RIP BIG JACK The Electric Warrior

It is with a sad heart that we write this article. One of Lebanon’s earliest Rock and Metal voices passed away. Jack Khatchadourian, mainly known by his stage name BIG JACK, just closed his final chapter on Earth on July 25.

About Big Jack

Big Jack

For those who don’t know, Big Jack fronted one of the earliest Rock/Metal bands in Lebanon back in the late 70’s called “Electric Warriors“. The band went above and beyond by creating the first generation of Rock and Metal scene in Lebanon. Jack was known for his strong vocal abilities and stage charisma and as a great guitar technician. He inspired a whole generation of vocalists who followed his path between the 80s and 90s and still they resonate until today. A true Legend.

Other than being an inspirational Lebanese musician, Big Jack was also known for his humanitarian activities. From a young boy scout, having his guitar on his back spreading joy and doing all kinds of charity work, to a young man using his own Renault 12 station wagon car as an ambulance during the civil war. Jack was a real life super hero.

Big Jack

Eddy: Lead guitar | Ramsey: Drums & percussion | Souhail: Bass guitar | Big Jack: guitar & lead vocal

Electric Warriors

After the band’s inception in the late 70’s, Electric Warriors became a household name in the Lebanese scene. They sold out theaters and became one of the first bands, if not the very first band, to use special effects on stage in Lebanon. Of those legendary concerts were the multi-day shows at La Cite, Jounieh in 1983. The shows were spread into 4 days, from 27 to 30 of December that year.

Check out below some photos from the golden age of Rock and Metal in Lebanon. The photos below are from Electric Warriors from several eras of the band’s life and their shows in 1983 at La Cite Jounieh.

Electric Warriors Gallery

After Electric Warriors

After Electric Warriors went into hiatus in the early 90s, Jack then went into a solo career and worked on a lot of side projects. The most notable was the 2004 song “Rise for the Genocide” by A.R.G.F. that featured many local musicians as a local All-Star song in the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. (Video Below)

In the year 2010, Electric Warriors did a reunion in an attempt to revive the band. They had a show later on in 2011 at FreeWay Center in Sin El Fil with Christian Metal band TAKWEEN.

Big Jack - Electric Warriors

After that, Big Jack went on to form a new band, MARANATHA, a Christian Heavy Metal band, with the youth of his church. In September 2016, he shared his excitement with us that Maranatha will be releasing a full-length. “Soon we have a surprise for everyone. New album release of MARANATHA. Christian metal group followed by a concert”- Says Jack to Metal Bell in 2016.

This news was great for us since Jack was out of the spotlight for many years at the time.

Unfortunately, only few months later, in December that year, Khatchadourian was hospitalized but soon recovered and went back to his home only days later. After that incident, the news of a New Album from the Legendary vocalist were gone.

Big Jack is the father of Chris Khatchadourian, the vocalist of the theatrical Rock band In Sanity Q. The band also shares Electric Warriors’ drummer extraordinaire Ramsey Khattar.

The Metal Bell family would like to send its condolences to Jack’s family and friends.


  • We would like to thank Ramsey Khattar for the information he shared with us about Big Jack, in order for us to complete this article.

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