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Jay Wud & Tanjaret Daghet in Concert Review

Right back from Abu Dhabi’s Arena stage, where they opened for rock legends Motley Crue on their final tour, Jay Wud came back to Lebanon to perform a great concert with Tanjaret Daghet. Continue reading

April | A Musical Farewell | Review

As some of the band members of April ready themselves up to leave Lebanon to go venture into the unknown with the hope of increasing their skills, technique, and understanding of music, the band decided to give us a proper farewell. Continue reading

Khebez Dawle Release Night

The Syrian civil war brought destruction and violence to the beautiful land of Syria, but led this truly brilliant band to arrive here in none other than our own Lebanese metal scene. They’ve been here in Lebanon for the past 2 years and have been working on their debut album. They released the self-titled album on August 12, and we were all amazed. Continue reading

HOMESICK Need A New Drummer!

After throwing one hell of a show last Friday the 28th of August at Summer Fusion, Homesick announced the departure of their drummer. Continue reading

Summer Jam 15| Event Review

A unique event, the first of its kind, gathering the best guitarists in Lebanon on one stage playing amazing originals and covers that mostly amazed the audience. A good number of people came, with an unusually high portion of the audience being artists, which showed the highly artistic concept of the event. Continue reading

Chained Reaction have Something to Say: #YouStink !

The Lebanese rock band Chained Reaction has released a new song about the current situation in Lebanon, Tol3et Rihitkoum. It is very satirical, imaginative, and funny to say the least.

Continue reading

ANURYZM | Another Single Out with a taste completely different from the previous one

As the progressive band ANURYZM are getting ready to release their new album “All Is Not For All”, they released a new single for the sake of warming us up to take in their new album-to-come on June 15 through Melodic Revolution Records. Unlike “HUMANOID“, the first single released last April >Listen here<, “Depolarized” is more calm and the vocals sound more like Tool’s vocalist, Maynard, giving a different taste from their previous releases which were much heavier and “thrashier”. I’m guessing their album will have more Steven Wilson-ish type of music… (Listen to the song below). Check out all details about the album & the previous single >here<.
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IV Dimensions Release Music Video Of Their First Single

As the scene rises, more bands appear, hence IV Dimensions. The band was formed very recently, giving off an oriental vibe in their new original “Face My Fear Alone”. The band members come from different musical backgrounds and genres. Different aspects, different backgrounds, giving the band its several “Dimensions”. Continue reading

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