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Damage Rite “The Dehumanizing Factor” – Reviewed

*Heavy Breathing Intensifies*

The Band:

Thrash Metal seems to still hold ground onto our Lebanese metal bands. But, it is only when it is crossed with Death Metal that we get this nostalgic wave of brutalness we once had in our music back in the day. And what more of a nostalgic feeling can you get when the band, Damage Rite, was created by Post Mortem’s JM Elias.
Damage Rite have released their debut album, “The Dehumanizing Factor”, on February 28, 2017, after 8 years of releasing their first single, “Whispers of Ages”, and here is what the band said about that:

“It took a while for the band to engage in the recording process due to line up amendments that occurred during the precedent years which led to the absolute and current arrangement designed to bestow the thrashiest and deadliest tunes, to fulfill the rights of the listeners to undergo on a metal experience like no other”.

The news already sounded brutal to our ears, but what about the actual music?

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The Album:

Damage Rite "The Dehumanizing Factor"

“The Dehumanizing Factor” starts off with the intro track “Dehumanize”. The sound of someone marching with a danger alarm soon turned into some Thrash riffing that clearly tells us there will be no mercy on our ears.
The second track is the released single “Whispers of Ages”, aggressive and fast, along with angry growling, showing how Death Metal is largely incorporated in the Thrash sound.
The album continues with “Cities of Blood”, “Homicidal Death Machine”, and “Oppression”. Tracks of tight changing rhythms, technical sounding solos, yet with a taste of melody, and not to forget, some rhythm breaks one can’t help but headbang to.

Track 6 is the album track, it pretty much sums up the sound of the album and includes the same theme from the album’s intro.
Last three tracks from the album are “Set Apart”, “Chaos of Souls”, and “Thy Will be Done”.
The lyrics match the album title, they question morals, purposes, truths, and you guessed it… blood and war.

To sum it up, “The Dehumanizing Factor” is a solid release, one we guarantee you will love; it is straight harsh and in your face brutal. However, one thing might stand in the face of this album breaking through. It is common among such genre: the lack of a definitive idea that separates it from the rest. Therefore, if Damage Rite can get their hands on that, we’ll be waiting for something big coming our way.

Total rank: solid 90/100
Favorite track: Set Apart

You can buy the album from Damage Rite’s Band Camp.

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Event | Kaz Presents: Quad Rocking at The Quandrangle Live – June 13

Date: Saturday June 13

Time: 9:00 pm

Location: The Quadrangle Live – Hazmiyeh

Entrance Fee: 25 000 LL + 1 Drink

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Event | Sleeping Man, In Sanity Q live at The Back Door – June 6

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Time: 9:30 pm

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Entrance Fee: 20 000 LL + 1 Drink

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Event | In Memory of Ronnie James Dio (Lebanese Bands Tribute Night)

In memory of the Legendary Vocalist Ronnie James Dio, Lebanese bands will pay tribute to the fallen legend.

Date: Sunday, May 17th

Time: 9:05 pm

Location:  The Quadrangle, Hazmiyeh

Free Entrance




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EVENT | Metal Revive II

Date: Saturday, May 24th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location:  Concrete, Sin El Fil Highway

Entrance Fee:  20$ including 2 drinks/beers.


  • Highway 69: the Lebanese Version of the band System Of A Down
  • Benevolent (DUBAI): an experimental extreme metal band that exhibits a sonic connection of heavy, dark, poly rhythmic riffs and an eerie blend of sound.
  • Kimaera: Our Lebanese Ambassadors Of Doom

Bar Prices:

  • Beer 2$
  • Regular Drink 5$
  • Shots 2$

Mosh pits are highly recommended

Security, Bar services and Door control are managed by YM event
Sound and Lighting System , Stage and Back line are provided by Wicked Solutions

For additional information:
+961 70 985799

This event is strictly 18+



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Date: Saturday, July 18th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: La Marina, Dbayeh

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