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Autumn Sonata : As The Leaves Fall

Haven for Artists’ Autumn Sonata : As The Leaves Fall is a 3-day art festival organized by Haven for Artists.
The event will include 21 different musical acts of different musical styles including Madinat and Hezbel taleta, as well as the screening of 3 local short films, 8 public readings (including Dany Ayash & Carmina Khairallah), visual arts, culinary arts, workshops (yoga, percussion…), flea market, and many other activities.

DATE: Oct. 7th, 8th, 9th, 2016
LOCATION: Baysour Country Club
ENTRANCE FEE: 40,000 L.L. including: dinner on Friday night prepared by Lara Mehanna, complimentary tea prepared by Secret Potions.
Organized By: Haven For Artists

After the joy and exposure last year’s three-day festival brought about, Haven for Artists will host their second ever arts festival, Autumn Sonata : As The Leaves Fall.

Event Details:

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FILTER HAPPIER | Trying To Rush Everything – EP Release

The 16th of July was a great night for the band FILTER HAPPIER (previously known as Banana Elephant), as not only did they give their audience a wonderful performance, but their first appearance as a new band was made, and their first EP, released.


Although entering the event was a long wait, the atmosphere of the venue was very soothing, as people moved their feet to the flashing lights of the dance floor, while others drank and conversed to the refreshing breeze of the refurbished upper floor of The Grand Factory. The sound system was clearly audible throughout the whole venue, and still allowed people to carry on a decent conversation. With that, the Grand Factory proved to be a very convenient location that complemented both the vibes of FILTER HAPPIER and the musical style of “Trying To Rush Everything“, the newly released EP.

Set List:

  1. Intro
  2. YSF
  3. Circles
  4. Drown
  5. Glow
  6. Dust
  7. Tomorrow (Daughter cover)
  8. Home
  9. A dark
  10. Radiobed

Before Filter Happier punctually made their way to the stage, people grabbed their drinks from the bar, while some danced to the DJ’s great set-list, and others socialized for the sake of a good night. With a decent venue, also came a great performance. The only thing that needs to be worked on is the band’s transitions from song to song and their tension on stage (which will inevitably subside and improve with time), as it was a slight setback to the atmosphere of the music. Regardless, most of the audience swayed to the sound of the music and found it quite difficult to wipe the smile they had off of their faces. And considering the band’s transition from Banana Elephant to Filter Happier, that is an excellent sign.

Filter Happier

The musical genre of the EP is also very compatible with the name of the band, as it touches at dream pop, shoegaze, and post-rock, and gives off quite the euphoric feel (we will post a full review about the EP soon, so stay tuned). The microphone seemed to give the band some trouble towards the beginning of the show, but that didn’t stop them from giving a killer performance, as the technical difficulty was hard to notice. The show was crowned by the band’s exceptional energy and magical connection with the crowd, and was followed by C U NXT SAT’s exhilarating DJ line-up .

The feedback from the audience was also very great, and everyone seemed to be having an ecstatic Saturday night. With that, your fans are surely awaiting your next gig and what is yet to come. The Metal Bell team wishes you the best of luck on the rest of your musical journey!

Filter Happier will be performing at WICKERPARK Music Festival Saturday September 10, 2016.

Band Members:

Ada Harb (Vocals)
Camille Cabbabé (Guitar)
Elie Abdelnour (Bass and Vocals)
Elie El Khoury (Drums)
Georgy Flouty (Guitar and Vocals)

– Dany Ayyash.

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