Lebanon’s biggest Metal Concert in recent years is back with its third edition, Skull Session 2018 – The Underground. This year’s installment will feature five local bands. Four of which are well established bands and one fresh out of the oven as the opening act.

After launching in 2016, Skull Session became the first and so far the only Metal Concert, with a full local bands line up, to break the 300 attendee mark in Lebanon in years. The Open Air event was able to gather 400+ attendees in a night that changed the scene’s landscape for good. Read our review >here<.

Skull Session 2016 _ Karl Sfeir

Photo Credit: Skull Session – Karl Sfeir

One year later, Skull Session upped their game by bringing the first authentic Thrash Metal Legends Onslaught to Lebanon (Check out our interview with Onslaught here). A bold move that paid well. Even though the event was postponed from June till September, it managed to gather an unexpected 350+ attendees. Read our review >here<.

Skull Session 2017_Article photo

Photo Credit: Skull Session – Maher Hasbany Revolution Studios

This year, they are back and they are promising us something that has never been done before. Skull Session 2018 – The Underground will feature 5 local bands: Blaakyum, Nocturna, Phenomy, DeathTone, and new comers Adapt.

The concert will take place in a new to the Metal scene venue, The Palace Hamra. And the Skull Session team didn’t hold back on making the venue announcement as mysterious as possible. And when they announced it, they did it in a very creative and cool way (Watch video below).

And to top it all! The entrance is for FREE, again. And no, not what you expect of the event to be of low budget, on the contrary, the organizers are promising us a “Big Stage, Big Show, Big Production” as it is mentioned in their post (see below).


So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourselves for another epic Skull Session night. Invite, share, and spread the news!

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