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Moonspell, Rotting Christ, Silver Dust // Paris

Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec RTN Touring, présente :

🎤 🥁 🎸
□ MOONSPELL (black gothic)
□ SILVER DUST (rock théâtral)

📝 Vendredi 01.11.2019 – Paris, La Machine du Moulin Rouge

🎟 -chers+jolis // 28€
□ Envois postaux :
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 30.8€
□ fnac
□ digitick
□ ticketmaster


🔞 info Machine du Moulin Rouge – Les mineurs de moins de 16 ans doivent être obligatoirement accompagnés de leur parent ou tuteur légal. Pour les mineurs de 16 à 18 ans, l’accès est autorisé sur présentation d’une autorisation parentale (à récupérer sur )

Garmonbozia Inc.🦎👑 ■


The Wildhearts, Dead Pop Club // Paris



Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec NMC Live, présente :

🎤 🥁 🎸
□ DEAD POP CLUB (power pop-punk)

📝 Samedi 26.10.2019 – Paris, Backstage

🎟 -chers+jolis // 20€
□ Envois postaux :
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 22€
□ fnac
□ digitick
□ ticketmaster

Garmonbozia Inc.🦎👑 ■

Heritage | OPETH Tribute Night

A tribute to the titans of Progressive Death Metal


Mood Yassin (Turbulence): Keyboards and Rhythm Guitar
Jake Shuker (Maysaloon): Lead Guitars and Vocals
Khodor Nashar (Maysaloon): Acoustic Guitars and Vocals
Charbel Ghafary (Reigen LB): Bass Guitar
Hassan AK (Blaakyum, Divulgent): Drums and Percussion


Tickets: 23,000 L.L. (On sale at Librairie Antoine’s all branches, and
Doors Open: 7:30 pm

Organized by:
Skull Session

Sponsored by:
NJam MusicSchool | Metal Bell Magazine

Heritage Opeth Tribute Night

The Present and Melancholic future of Nocturna

Nocturna is one of the oldest bands from the metal scene, and every time they take the stage, they prove that they’re still as strong as they were a decade ago. After a few member changes, they thought they settled down with Anthony Abdo as their vocalist and Sam Baghdo on drums, but unfortunately, their paths have diverged. Both members have decided to move and immigrate to Canada.

Sam was part of many Lebanese bands, and his last show was a well-deserving farewell, as he joined the stage with Armian for one last performance here in Lebanon. He was the drummer of many bands, such as Armian, Adapt, Maysaloon, Prominence, Hatecrowned, and last but not least, Nocturna. His departure to Canada, has left many bands searching for a drummer as skilled as he is, but perhaps this is better for him, since he has more opportunities to grow a larger audience for himself.

He has also left a very special message for us and all the bands he worked with, stating:

“It was my honor to play with many bands in Lebanon as a musician! I got a lot of chances to play with the best musicians in Lebanon, it was truly an honor, I really appreciate it, I love Nocturna, they work hard and seriously to keep their performance as perfect as they can, as for me, it was like a challenge to play with band, the members are very close friends and it’s not easy to get close to them, especially if you are a stranger. The secret is the practice with the talent, if you have both of them you can play with any band, I like Nocturna‘s album, it’s perfect, when I listened to it for the first time, I considered it the best album in Lebanon. Now I will play drums with The Nailheads, and we have a tour consisting of 16 shows around Canada, being a pro drummer isn’t an easy job, you have to practice to keep your level up and also to improve yourself, I wish I had a chance to play with all my friends in Lebanon, each band I played with gave me a lot, and thank you for this lovely initiative, because you work hard to cover all the music events. And of course, as a musician, I respect what you do, cheers!”


As for Anthony Abdo, he left us a very heartwarming post on Facebook about his departure from Lebanon. But that wasn’t all he did before setting off, in fact, he orchestrated a metal karaoke night in The Palace, called “One Last Growl”, where he hung out with his fellow band-mates, family and many friends from our scene. He covered Amon Amarth songs, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir (with his wife Magdalena), as well as covered the songs he composed. It’s definitely important to mention that he also sang Nocturna’s tracks for one last time with Nareg Cherchian. A pleasant surprise was to see the original vocalist of Nocturna, Habib Arbid, sing the very songs he was deeply involved in creating.

It’s safe to say that those 2 amazing artists are moving to greener (or perhaps, more snowy) pastures, and I suppose their departure is for the best, at least now they can show their music to the world without any fear of judgment, no room for the same injustices we face for simply expressing our art.

As for Nocturna, they are deeply saddened that they had to part ways with those amazing artists, and they wish them the best of luck in their lives and musical careers. However, they also made haste in finding a vocalist that fits their haunting ambiance and achingly beautiful melodies, and it is none other than Nareg Cherchian.
As for more good news, they’ve also announced that they have begun in working on their long-awaited second album, and I’m positive that we’re all going to wait impatiently for whatever they’re up to now.
The Present and Melancholic future of Nocturna
As for Nareg, he was actually approached by Nocturna themselves because he was already recognized as one of the fast rising death metal vocalists in the local scene. And of course, he himself had motive to join the band: he loved the band’s material, and wanted to expand on what they could achieve musically, and now, with their current resources, they’re capable of merging the many sides of death/melodic death metal (and perhaps a shade of black would be a pleasant bonus).

One thing that Nareg saw that stood out from the rest of the local bands was “their sense of direction with the music; emotional melodies and sinister symphonies”, as well as he could notice that “the band poured all their emotions into their art”, and all that “spoke” to him on an emotional level, and this gave him a huge motive to step in as their vocalist, Nareg affirms.

As Nareg looks towards the future with the band, he aims for much higher than he ever has, and he hopes that as the youngest band member, he could show how determined he is with the results that the band will surely achieve.

When asked whether he sees himself as an example for all artists that want to convert emotion into art, he replies with “most definitely!”, stating that the love one has for their work procreates determination like no other, and he encourages everyone to be an example of how art should be treated like. As a small tip to get started, he remarks that talent and skill are nothing without constant practice.

Furthermore, Ziad Alam has been announced as the drummer for Nocturna. In the past, he has played with different local bands, been part of Damage Rite and Kaoteon, and currently he’s part of ZiX. In regards to him joining Nocturna, this is what he had to say:

“So i knew the guys from nocturna before joining them and we were friends and their drummer recently left to Canada so we decided to do some jams together and see how it goes… it was perfect from the beginning, we liked the atmosphere and the chemistry was there, so here we are now.”
The Present and Melancholic future of Nocturna
You can follow Ziad’s page here.

Personally, I see that Nocturna’s current lineup will reach new heights, as well as burrow deep within everyone’s sorrow through their music, all while bringing a new age of poetry in Melodic Death Metal.

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EPICA @ Élysée Montmartre, Paris (Sold Out)



Le groupe de Metal Symphonique Epica annonce une série de concerts exclusifs afin de fêter le 10e anniversaire de son album mythique “Design Your Universe”. Et quoi de mieux que l’Élysée Montmartre – salle où ils nous l’ont présenté pour la première fois – pour souffler ses 10 bougies ? L’occasion pour le groupe et pour ses fans de revivre ensemble des moments d’émotion et de souvenirs ; car au-delà de cet anniversaire, il s’agit d’un album précieux et significatif pour toute la communauté Epica !

— 1ère partie : Blackbriar

Formé en 2012, Blackbriar se fait remarquer dès 2015 avec le titre « Until Eternity », qui s’accompagne d’un clip captivant, vu près de 12 millions de fois. Fort de ce premier succès, le groupe enregistre son premier EP, « Fractured Fairytales », une fusion de symphonique et gothique, qui voit le jour en mai 2017. S’en suit une tournée aux côtés d’Epica, MaYan, Dark Sarah, Sleeping Romance et End of the Dream. « We’d Rather Burn », leur deuxième EP, produit par Joost van den Broek (After Forever, Epica, Ayreon, Xandria, Powerwolf), sort en 2018 et ancre leur place dans le monde du Metal. Blackbriar travaille actuellement sur son premier album, prévu pour fin 2019.

Ils ouvriront pour Epica à Paris, Oberhausen (All) et Utrecht (Hol).

Archgoat, Temple Of Baal, Au Champ Des Morts // Paris



🇫🇷 À l’occasion des 30 ans d’ Archgoat Official, le label Debemur Morti Productions et Garmonbozia Inc. vous proposent une soirée spéciale autour de 3 groupes qui ont contribué à l’histoire du label.

De plus, pour marquer l’évènement, le nouvel album de BLUT AUS NORD sera disponible à l’achat, et à l’écoute, en avant-première mondiale lors de cette soirée “Servants Of Chaos”.

🇬🇧 In order to properly celebrate ARCHGOAT’s 30-year journey, Debemur Morti Productions and Garmonbozia Inc. are setting up a special evening featuring bands that have contributed to the history of the label. ARCHGOAT will play an extended set including songs that haven’t been played live since 2004, as well as live premieres!

TEMPLE OF BAAL, who contributed the track “Dead Cult” on the split with AOSOTH released back in 2008, will spread the flames of Baal.

To kick off this evening ‘Dans La Joie’, AU CHAMP DES MORTS will perform their unique blend of French Black Metal.

In order to make this “Servants Of Chaos” event even more memorable, the new BLUT AUS NORD album will be premiered and available to purchase on the night!


🎤 🥁 🎸
□ ARCHGOAT (black)
□ TEMPLE OF BAAL (black/death)

📝 Samedi 28.09.2019 – Paris, Petit Bain

🎟 -chers+jolis // 25€
□ Envois postaux :
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 27.5€
□ fnac
□ digitick
□ ticketmaster

Garmonbozia Inc.🦎👑 ■

Alice Cooper · Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back Tour . Paris

Gérard Drouot Productions

Alice Cooper est de retour à Paris pour sa tournée “La tournée Ol Eyes Black Back” à La Seine Musicale

✩ Invité spécial : Black Stone Cherry

Le rock en général, le métal, le glam sans oublier le gothique en particulier lui doivent beaucoup. Après des concerts complets en 2017 à Paris et Lyon, le maître incontesté du shock rock Alice Cooper est de retour en 2019 pour trois dates exceptionnelles : le 03/09 au Dôme de Marseille, le 05/09 à l’Arkéa Arena de Bordeaux et le 20/09 à La Seine Musicale.




Hypocrisy live in Dubai

Proudly Presents
Hypocrisy from Sweden Live in Dubai!
September 20th, 2019
at El Barrio Club (Hyatt Place Hotel – Al Rigga)

Supported by:
Aramaic – UAE

Early bird: 145 AED
On door: 175 AED
Tickets are available on

Age Limit: 21+

This event is powered by:
Czarcie Kopyto – Custom drum pedals (Poland)
Hyperion Cabs – Guitar cabs
MEI – Backline & Orchestral Rental
Melody House – Musical Instruments
Jorzine – Web Magazine

For more info:

Special thanks to Fadi Al-Shami for the poster design

Brick Floyd LIVE / Ashes of a Diary CD Release Show

After a year-long hiatus, Brick Floyd will be returning to Lebanon, bringing back their spectacular & psychedelic laser/light show, while masterfully performing Pink Floyd all-time favorites from The Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon, Meddle, Wish You Were Here & The Division Bell!

The event will also include the long-awaited CD release of ‘Ashes of a Diary’, an original progressive rock concept album recorded by Brick Floyd members Mathew (guitars & keyboards) and Christopher (bass and keyboards). The 40-minute album will be played live in its entirety and CDs are available for FREE with advance presale ticket or can be purchased at the door. Acclaimed studio drummer Ian Geyer will be performing the album as well.

The event will be a memorable evening full of captivating lighting, visuals and music from both acts that truly captures the Floyd experience and is sure to take you back in time and leave you mesmerized.

You won’t want to miss this one of a kind night! Join us Saturday, September 14th & bring your friends!

Location: The Palace Beirut (Aresco Center)
Doors open at 8:30 PM
Show starts at 9:30 PM
Presale tickets: 20,000 L.L + FREE physical CD
At the door: 25,000 L.L


Tool Tribute Night

Tool fans across the world have been getting their hopes up every year for a new album. After 13 years, the wait is over. Fear Inoculum is coming.
We invite Tool fans all over Lebanon to an album release party! Wear your best Tool shirt, grab a drink, and come meet other fans!
Special Guest: Pēlikel

Where: Wing’z – Mansourieh
When: August 31 – 7 PM
Fee: 10$ + 1 free beer (or soft drink for under 18)
Reservation: message 76643883 on whatsapp to reserve a table (no reservation charge)

This is NOT an 18+ event, all ages are welcome to enjoy!
Message us for more details.
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