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Hypocrisy live in Dubai

Proudly Presents
Hypocrisy from Sweden Live in Dubai!
September 20th, 2019
at El Barrio Club (Hyatt Place Hotel – Al Rigga)

Supported by:
Aramaic – UAE

Early bird: 145 AED
On door: 175 AED
Tickets are available on

Age Limit: 21+

This event is powered by:
Czarcie Kopyto – Custom drum pedals (Poland)
Hyperion Cabs – Guitar cabs
MEI – Backline & Orchestral Rental
Melody House – Musical Instruments
Jorzine – Web Magazine

For more info:

Special thanks to Fadi Al-Shami for the poster design

Brick Floyd LIVE / Ashes of a Diary CD Release Show

After a year-long hiatus, Brick Floyd will be returning to Lebanon, bringing back their spectacular & psychedelic laser/light show, while masterfully performing Pink Floyd all-time favorites from The Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon, Meddle, Wish You Were Here & The Division Bell!

The event will also include the long-awaited CD release of ‘Ashes of a Diary’, an original progressive rock concept album recorded by Brick Floyd members Mathew (guitars & keyboards) and Christopher (bass and keyboards). The 40-minute album will be played live in its entirety and CDs are available for FREE with advance presale ticket or can be purchased at the door. Acclaimed studio drummer Ian Geyer will be performing the album as well.

The event will be a memorable evening full of captivating lighting, visuals and music from both acts that truly captures the Floyd experience and is sure to take you back in time and leave you mesmerized.

You won’t want to miss this one of a kind night! Join us Saturday, September 14th & bring your friends!

Location: The Palace Beirut (Aresco Center)
Doors open at 8:30 PM
Show starts at 9:30 PM
Presale tickets: 20,000 L.L + FREE physical CD
At the door: 25,000 L.L


Tool Tribute Night

Tool fans across the world have been getting their hopes up every year for a new album. After 13 years, the wait is over. Fear Inoculum is coming.
We invite Tool fans all over Lebanon to an album release party! Wear your best Tool shirt, grab a drink, and come meet other fans!
Special Guest: Pēlikel

Where: Wing’z – Mansourieh
When: August 31 – 7 PM
Fee: 10$ + 1 free beer (or soft drink for under 18)
Reservation: message 76643883 on whatsapp to reserve a table (no reservation charge)

This is NOT an 18+ event, all ages are welcome to enjoy!
Message us for more details.
Follow on insta!

Immolation – Live in Dubai

Be there on August 23rd to experience one of the longest-running American death metal bands, Immolation live in Dubai! Supported by uae’s own Gates Of Gomorrah يأجوج & Verdict

Tickets are available at

the event empowered by
Slamman Booking Asia.

Music Is Louder: a Concert Against Repression

Music Is Louder, is a protest concert put up by freedom fighters in Lebanon from the art and media community. that will take place at The Palace Beirut. The night will be featuring a number of local artists, singers, bands, stand- up comedians, dancers, and more. (Read our article and interview with the organizers >here<).

Music Is Louder Event Description

(Scroll Down for English Translation)

حفلة موسيقية في 9 آبحفلة موسيقية في 9 آب – المكان: The Palace في مبنى Aresco، الحمرا
الدخول مجاني — الحضور للأشخاص فوق 18 سنة

لأنو #القمع_مش_مشروع ولأنو لسّا صامدين، شاركونا بحفلة موسيقية مجانية ليلة ٩ آب، بنفس تاريخ وتوقيت حفلة مشروع ليلى الملغى، حتشارك فيها مجموعة من الفنانين والفنانات تضامنا مع مشروع ليلى وضد القمع.

ب٩ آب كانت جبيل على موعد مع حفل غنائي لفرقة مشروع ليلى، بس ألغيت المناسبة من قبل لجنة مهرجانات بيبلوس بعد حملة همجيّة منظّمة استهدفت الفرقة وهدّدت سلامة جمهور الحفلة. بوقت اللي تهجّم البعض على مشروع ليلى تحت حجج مذهبيّة، الدولة ما وفّرت الحماية اللازمة للناس وتجاهلت التهديدات، وحوّلت الضحيّة فرقة مشروع ليلى لمتّهم خاضع للتحقيق.

هيدي حلقة من مسلسل طويل من التعدّي على الحريات العامّة والفرديّة، ومن حملات تشويه السمعة االي بيتعرّضلها أي معارض لهيدي المنظومة السياسية، إن كان على خلفيّة معتقداتهم وآرائهم، أو ميولهم وهويّاتهم الجنسيّة. وهيدي ظاهرة عم يشهدها لبنان بشكل متكرّر ومقلق، بما يهدّد أبسط الحقوق المدنيّة والإنسانيّة، خاصة بظلّ تخلّي الدولة ومؤسساتها عن مسؤوليّتها بحماية الفنّ والثقافة والحفاظ على أمن وسلامة كل سكانها.

لنرفع صوت الموسيقى ليلة ٩ آب، رفضاً للقمع ورفضاً لثقافة إسكات الرأي الآخر بالقوّة، ولنقول لهم #القمع_مش_مشروع ولسّا صامدين.

Line UP – مجموعة الفنانين/ات

English Description

Music Is Louder: a Concert Against Repression
At The Palace – Aresco Palace Center – Hamra
Free of charge — 18+

To stand against repression and to show that we will persist, join us for a free concert on the night of August 9, the same timing of the cancelled Mashrou’ Leila concert, with a group of artists performing in solidarity with Mashrou’ Leila and to support freedom of expression.

On August 9, Byblos International Festival was set for a concert featuring Mashrou’ Leila, but after a savage and orchestrated hate-campaign that targeted the band and threatened both its members’ safety and that of the audience, the festival committee cancelled the event.

While attacks were driven by sectarian justifications, the authorities and government institutions failed to provide protection for the victims of this hate-campaign and the festival. They ignored the wave of threats and intimidation, turning the victim Mashrou’ Leila into the culprit under investigation.

This is another episode in a long series of attacks on public and individual freedoms and of smear campaigns directed at people based on their opinions, beliefs, or sexual orientation. This is now a recurrent phenomenon in Lebanon and has reached troubling levels that threaten basic human and civil rights, particularly as the state has forgone its responsibilities to protect arts and culture as well as the physical safety and security of all.

Let’s turn up the music on August 9, to reject repression, the culture of censorship, and the rule of force. Join us to tell them #القمع_مش_مشروع, we will persist.

Line Up By Names:

Badih Abou Chakra (MC) | Shaden Esperanza (stand up comedian) | Wissam Kamal (stand up comedian) | Sandy Chamoun | El Rass – The Head | Ziyad Sahhab | Waynick | Randa Makhoul | Liliane Chlela (Dancer) | Nada Abou Farhat (MC) | Nour Hajjar (stand up comedian) | Ziad Itani | Samah Boulmona | Rami Boutros | KHANSA/خنسا | Chyno | Blaakyum | Ziad Michel Nawfal | Coffee Break | فرقة الراحل الكبير The Great Departed | Blu Fiefer | KŌZŌ 構造 | Chadi Abi Chacra | Mayssa Jallad |Frida Chehlaoui | دانيل صايغ -Daneel Sayegh | Carol Abi Ghanem | Michelle and Noel Keserouani | Wassim Bou Malham | Gizmo | Escalier 301B | Vladimir KKurumilian | Mona Hallab | Shway Shway | Aya Atwi Nasri Sayegh | Jade | Jamal Malaeb | Samandal comics Magazine

Check Out All Other Events >HERE<

Within Temptation Live | Byblos International Festival

Symphonic Metal sensation Within Temptation are filling stadiums around the world with their incredible energy and charismatic female vocalist Sharon Den Adel.

The Dutch band, who just released their seventh album Resist, will be performing at Byblos a two-hour highly anticipated show.

With the support of IBL BANK sal.
Official Radio Station: Mix FM Lebanon.
Official Internal Transport: Allo Taxi – 1213.

Tickets for this concert are now available at all branches of Virgin Ticketing Box Office or Online:

General admission $60
Golden Circle $100
Seated $60 – $100

For transportation via Allo Taxi, please call 1213 or book online here:

Music Is LOUDER Than Oppression

Freedom Fighters and heroes of arts and culture decided to come together and fight oppression, tyranny and dictatorship. With no labels and in total spontaneity, a group of individuals gathered themselves under one banner after the freedom of expression and art has been violated in Lebanon.

You’ve heard the news; after a 2 week-long media circus, Mashrou’ Leila, the Lebanese indie rock, had their act cancelled from the Byblos International Festival schedule on August 9th, by the festival committee for safety concerns of the staff, bands and attendees. ICYMI, read the full story >here<.

Music Is Louder (صوت الموسيقة أعلى) is the name of the event that will be held and will feature a weird, yet great combination of artists. The line up is versatile and features poets, actors, comedians, musicians, bands and more. The spontaneous talent collective will be protesting the terrorizing acts that led Mashrou’ Leila to cancel their show out of FEAR. In addition, with a scary domino effect, Dutch Metal band Within Temptation felt unsafe to come and cancelled their show, and voiced their support to Mashrou’ Leila. (Read about it >here<)

When we asked the organizers about how the initiative came to be, they replied: “The organizers are individuals that decided to come together and fight oppression. This fight for freedom of speech has been going on for years, but this is the first time it gets this much attention since Mashrou’ Leila is a big name in Lebanon. We got together and decided that it’s time to take a stand and came up with the idea of an alternative concert that is free of hate-speech, censorship, and homophobia.”

The line up is a work of art in it self, it is too interesting to miss, and “consists of artists, singers, bands, stand-up comedians, dancers, and more.” (check full line up >here<). And as the event will mostly involve live music, it naturally came into question whether Mashou’ Leila will make an appearance. But, “unfortunately, most band members are not in Lebanon and will not be able to physically be there with us.”

As Metal Bell and many of us Metalheads have been victims of such oppression, most recently with the ban of Sepultura, we are hoping that such movements would become regular and let our voices be heard. The organizers clarified that “The aim is to fight censorship and hate speech and promote freedom of speech. This idea was put together very fast due to the time frame. We would very much like to continue with this activity later, but are still unsure how.”

We hope to see you all on August 9th at the Palace to protest against violence and against oppression of any kind.
Read all the event details >here<

Music Is Louder

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WITHIN TEMPTATION Cancels Lebanon Show In Solidarity with Mashrou’ Leila

After weeks of cultural terrorism against local band Mashrou’ Leila (Read our full report here) the Dutch Symphonic Metal Band Within Temptation cancels their scheduled show in Beirut out of fear for their safety and in solidarity with Mashrou’ Leila. Read Within Temptation’s statement below.

Within Temptation Statement

With a heavy heart we must inform you of the following:

As you know, we were scheduled to play the Byblos Festival in Lebanon on August 7th. We have found out that another band called Mashrou’ Leila was pulled from the festival according to the festival committee due to security reasons after religious fanatics demanded their performance to be cancelled followed by violent threats. Apart from the fact that Lebanese authorities at this moment are not able to provide artists the security to perform in peace, we have decided to cancel our show in Byblos in solidarity with Mashrou’ Leila and in support of tolerance, freedom of speech and expression.

For you, our fans in Lebanon, it hurts to make this decision. Our last show in Lebanon is still very vivid in our minds and hearts. We are looking forward to better days on which we will return to you in Lebanon.

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The Mashrou’ Leila controversy

In the past week, Lebanon’s media was flooded with opinions and stances on Mashrou’ Leila, the Lebanese indie rock band who after continuous pressure, had their awaited concert in Byblos International Festival, Jbeil, cancelled by the festival committee for safety concerns. Opinions varied among the longtime loyal fans and proponents of freedom of speech, the believers, notably Christians, who found the content of their music offensive but simply criticized them, and the new age Crusaders who, once again, took it as their mission to be the defenders of the faith and called for the ban of their concert, and among which were individuals who thought it was justifiable to threaten the band members and event promoters with violence and death.

In a culturally conservative region, Lebanon is considered to be a beacon of modernism and progressivism, where women can dress as they like, partying and drinking are normal parts of life, and other things that might be considered taboo in the rest of the Middle East would be socially acceptable. However, time and time again, religious authorities banning arts prove that reputation of Lebanon being a cradle for personal freedoms wrong. For us metalheads, censorship, or the attempts for it, is not a foreign phenomenon. Since the start and rise of the metal scene, local bands and artists were subjects to irrational interrogations and unjustified investigations. Many local events caught the eyes of the media under false labels like “Satanic rituals”, “Devil worshipping”, “encouraging delinquent behaviour and drug abuse”, to name a few, and caused an uproar among parents and conservatives. Some international bands were also banned from coming for scheduled concerts under claims of them being Devil worshippers or anti-Christians, the most recent one being Sepultura in April. This time, it was a local indie rock band, Mashrou’ Leila, who’s been around for 10 years, fronted by an openly gay man (Hamed Sinno), and who has gained international recognition, that has been under fire.

The uproar started when a resident from Jbeil found an article that Hamed (Vocalist of Mashrou’ Leila) had shared a few years ago, which included a p photo of an old Byzantine icon of the Virgin with baby Jesus that was photoshopped to replace her face with Madonna’s and called Jesus a fan boy. The band also had the lyric of their song “Djin” (which was released in 2015 and played at many concerts in Lebanon and abroad) twisted; the lyric in Arabic reads “رح غطس كبدي بالجن باسم الاب وابن”, which literally translates to “I will immerse my liver in gin in the name of the Father and the Son”; the band uses a lot of symbolism in their lyrics and their songs are very interpretive, but the consensus is that this one is about alcoholism (Djin is meant as Gin), and has a simple play on words with baptism. We’re guessing the confusion happened because of the similarities between the Arabic spelling/pronunciation for “gin” (the drink) and “Jinn” (the spiritual entity). The sexual orientation of the singer also appeared to be very problematic to people, who argued that his sexuality is sinful and against Christian teachings and must not be accepted and criticized the rise of Pride flags in their concerts.


Taking the photo and the lyric as a direct intentional attack on holy figures and sacred symbols, the band were quickly accused of being (you guessed it), Satan worshippers, anti-Christian and blasphemers. A riot started on the media and many were calling for banning the concert and penalizing the band, including some authoritative figures like Director of the Catholic Center of Information Father Abdo Abou Kassem and the Archbishop of Byblos, as well as ultra-Christian Facebook groups who threatened with death and violent protests on the observed day of the concert. The ridicule became worse with some religious figures started to come with mind-blowing conspiracy theories, pointing out that the band name (which translates to Night Project) actually is a reference to the demon Lilith (Leila – Lilith – Night – Darkness), and that their aim and that of other common pop artists’ is to deviate people from the path of Jesus and religion and take them down the road of rebellion, delinquency, feminism (what?) and homosexuality (again, what?).

The band issued a statement on their page to express their upset and clarify that their lyrics were taken out of context by being cherry picked instead of being taken as a whole, that the song in question was performed repeatedly in Lebanon and elsewhere without any backlash, that each of the members comes from a different religious background that they all respect, and they are united with their love for music and their use of it to highlight humanitarian issues and represent their country. In spite of that, due to the pressure they were subjected to, they ended up deleting 2 songs and some content from their page and their YouTube channel. The band was investigated with and stood in front of a judge, they were cleared and their concert allowed to take place, provided that they hold a press conference to publicly apologize to the Christian community. The press conference was never held, and the threats and condemnations went on and got more heated.

Mashrou' Leila

The festival committee eventually decided that it is best to cancel the schedueled Mashrou’ Leila show, fearing that the threats might actually turn into actions. While it is understandable to have safety concerns for the bands, staff and attendees, and to not want to cause instability in the area, it is very sad to know that no protection or security was ensured, and that despite the law clearing the band (albeit with less than fair conditions), the culture of threats, bloodshed and violence prevailed over that of art, beauty and freedom of speech. Our government has immensely failed us this time, and this incident is a significant warning to what may come next if we don’t all defend our rights to freedom of speech. The country has had enough of constant divisions, sectarian values over humanitarian ones and of holding belief systems at a higher status than actual people. It is scary that authorities let the threatening bigots speak up and launch their hateful, potentially violent, campaign and participated in silencing, censoring, and ignoring the safety of artists and their fans. Humans Right Watch researcher Aya Majzoub has condemned the cancellation of the concert as “a step back for Lebanon, which has always prided itself on embracing diversity and being a center for music, art and culture” and Amnesty International’s Middle East Research Director Lynn Maalouf said that it was “the direct result of the government’s failure to take a strong stand against hatred and discrimination and to put in place the necessary measures to ensure the performance could go ahead”. It is unprecedented to have an act cancelled like this in Byblos Festival, but it may not be the last if religious fanatics are not put in place and if religious authorities are not held accountable for fueling hate, anger and intolerance. They are the ones who were actually unlawful, for defaming and damaging Lebanon’s image on international media sites and for threatening with bloodshed, but our government simply turned a blind eye against that; because beliefs and symbols are more important than individuals.

On a positive note, we do salute the few religious authority figures, and all the artists who supported freedom of speech no matter what, who called for peaceful criticism or boycott if one opposes the band’s views, and who suggested people gather for a mass prayer rather than violently protest on the day of Mashrou’ Leila concert. These few people give us a ray of hope in a hopeless broken system.

While the concert got cancelled out of fear of violence and instability, those who installed that fear are still running loose in the street, and it is only a matter of time before they jump at their next prey and forcibly silence it if they have opposing views to their “sacred” ones. Until next time, Crusaders.

A support event for Mashrou’ Leila will be held at the Palace Beirut, to protest the censorship and bigotry. Event Name: “Music Is Louder |صوت الموسيقى أعلى

By Zena Ismail

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Live | Metal Coast

After 7 long years, Tripoli’s metal scene prepare for a new metal event, this time it will take place at Dublin Tavern with the bands:

Sane Sirens

Heavy Metal band that has been around for 5 years. The band underwent many lineup changes over the past years to finally achieve the perfect team.
We’ve been gratefully influenced by great and iconic bands from the 70s and 80s. They have been true inspirations that helped us achieve the dream of writing our proper music and being able to perform our original songs.
The band’s passion and investment was proved when winning Runner-up positions in 2 Battle of The Bands competitions(USJ Battle and Beirut Open Stage).
Lately we’ve managed to come out with our first E.P album, and we are hard at work on new pieces.


Progressive Death Metal band that blasts a variety of covers from bands like Gojira, Obscura, Necrophagist and more.. Along with their own Progressive, Technical and Groovy material.


What would be better than a comeback inside the hometown? Apathia is a Groove Metal band formed since 2011, the band split up last year, but now gathering themselves back on this concert to give you their best show they could give, the band covers Lamb of God, Pantera, Sepultura.

Metal Coast Tripoli


Melodic Death Metal band that gives you the best quality of their music with their front man Anwar Habib who has a big surprise for this event specifically, with a big excitement to perform for the first time in Tripoli. The band is formed since 2012 and plays their original music and some Children of Bodom covers.


As their vocalist says: ”the guys are here to chew gum and kick some ass, and they are all out of gum”. This band will be the headlines of this event, for those who don’t know, Eden is a Thrash/ Groove Metal band that will play their original songs.

About the venue

Located in the heart of old Mina, Dublin Tavern brings you the authentic Irish pub experience. We are dedicated to providing a wide, rustic and cozy space where anyone is welcome to join, grab a drink, have a good meal and relax. Our regular musical events and live bands are special moments to celebrate and have fun with your friends or family. We also offer a selection of wine, imported beer and liquor, as well as a distinctive menu of great snacks and meals. Come as you are or make a reservation today!

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