Who is Adrian “Covan” Kowanek?

Adrian “Covan” Kowanek was the former lead vocalist of the death metal bands Atrophia Red Sun and Decapitated, had the chance to tour with the technical death metal band Sceptic, and performed concerts all over the world. He always had a good sense of humor, he was curious about the world around him and an extraordinary yet quite normal guy.



The Tragic Accident

On October 29, 2007, the touring bus of the Polish death metal band Decapitated collided with a logging truck on a forest-lined roadway near the Belarus-Russia border. As a tragic result, the drummer Witold “Witek” Kiełtyka (23 years old) passed away four days later on November 2nd, 2007 and Adrian, the vocalist, was severely injured and was transported back to Poland where he underwent a highly complex neo surgical operation, at the University Hospital in Krakow. His eight-hour surgery initially proved a success. Thirty-six hours later, his situation took a turn for the worse: With no one attending his bedside, he experienced breathing problems so when the hospital staff became cognizant of his situation, they placed him into an induced coma. Due to the severe lack of oxygen supply, Adrian suffered both cardiac arrest and cerebral hypoxia, an impairment of brain function due to low oxygen levels in the blood. After six months, he is finally brought back home.

Seven Years Later

Since November 2007, Adrian remains uniformly disabled, restricted to his bed and the daily routines of his ongoing recovery. The Kowaneks are doing their best to bring their son back to his normal life seeking the help of both spiritual and scientific fields. According to his father Leszek, “many people have engaged in Adrian’s physiotherapy during these seven years: Adrian presently requires two full-time nurses; we have had six bio-energy therapists, more than 10 physiotherapists, two massage specialists, acupuncturists, two acupressure professionals, a Catholic priest, Tibetan monks, and then even many of Adrian’s friends who wished to help.”    

Three years back, the family scheduled Adrian to undergo specialized cell treatment at a clinic in Germany first, then another one in China but both German and Chinese governments had to close the clinics. The Kowaneks didn’t lose their faith and hope, especially when Adrian shocked them talking few little words such as “Hello, Yes, No, Eat” and squeezed Leszek’s hand. “We would like to purchase a hyperbaric chamber for Adrian, which is very costly and without the help of a donation it won’t have a chance to be successful. Thankfully, a portion of this money has already been collected when we had planned for the cell treatment “, Leszek stated.



Adrian and his family won’t make it alone. Lots of bands supported them as Morbid Angel, Decapitated, Ogotay, Deicide, Vader, Ragehammer, Pandemonium, and more.

On February 2, 2015, Adrian tested ‘Cyber Eye’ program to communicate with the environment using a computer, thanks to a large part of the funds collected by the crew of Rock’n’Roll tattoo and the people who supported Covan.

The family would like to transfer him from a present trauma to a normal life and improve his house conditions (replace old equipment, install a lift, etc…) and in order to do so, they need our help.


Covan experiencing the “Eye Cyber” Program for the first time

How To Help?

You can visit this site to see all the info or use one of these payment methods:


PayPal connected to:                                 Mailing Address:
Intech2@interia.pl                                    Ewa I Leszek Kowanek
Street Koło Białuchy 23,

For direct transfer:                                    31-215 Kraków

Adrian Kowanek                                       Phone no: +48 12 415 1469
Kolo Bialuchy 23; Mobile: +48 601 959 174
31-215 Krakow, Poland e-mail: intech2@interia.pl


Bank Money Transfer:
BZ WBK Bank division: BZ WBK 1 
Krakow Karmelicka 9
31-133 Krakow

IBAN No: PL63109020530000000112494054


You can use this site.

– Paula Wehbe

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