Blind Guardian’s “The God Machine” is the band’s attempt to get back to their original sound, their 2019 release “Legacy of the Dark Lands”, was their attempt at doing an orchestral concept record. It totally lacked the fist-pumping sing-along fantasy anthems that the German power metal institution excels at.

The God Machine”, now has a release date: September 2.

In addition, they’ve dropped another pre-released single, this one based on The Witcher video games. you can check out the video below.

Singer Hansi Kursch had this to say about it:

“‘Blood Of The Elves’ features a pretty heavy side that the avid fan of BLIND GUARDIAN hopefully enjoys. More than enjoys, I’d guess. Instrumentally, the track has some kind of an early nineties appeal that blends well into the vocal parts of the opera/twist era and catapults both epochs into a new era for the band. A perfect hybrid. The chorus has some very strong sing-along vibes, despite its complexity. What else do you need? Inspired by the ‘The Witcher’ computer game series, the lyrics even reinforce the power of this banger and the clip by Dirk Behlau fits perfectly to the whole setting. Let me tell you: The God Machine has even more to offer. And that’s no promise – that’s the ultimate truth. Stay tuned.”