It is indisputable that Freddie Mercury is one of the best front-men to have ever existed. What helped shape Freddie’s successes was having a great band beside him, one of the Biggest and Most Iconic Rock bands to ever walk the Earth: QUEEN. They are no ordinary band, and they are one of the fewest bands that all members contributed to and are credited for the writing of their biggest hits. And to summarize those hit songs into a list is a tough job. But we tried our best to choose the 25 Best Freddie Mercury Songs list.

In the list, we are including songs from Queen and Freddie’s Solo Albums.

25 Best Freddie Mercury Songs

25 – Bicycle Race – Jazz (1978)

24 I’m Going Slightly Mad – Innuendo (1991)

23 – Time (1986)

Released as a single with an instrumental on the B-side of the song. The song, along with “In My Defence”, was supposed to be part of the musical “Time” by Drake Clark, but the song never made the play, only to be released as a single and included in the cast album of the musical.

22 – In My Defence (1986)

21 – Save Me – The Game (1980)

20 – Innuendo – Innuendo (1991)

19 – Too Much Love Will Kill You – Made In Heaven (1995)

18 – Love Of My Life – A Night At The Opera (1975)

17 – Under Pressure – Hot Space (1982)

16 – The Invisible Man – The Miracle (1989)

15 – Radio Ga Ga – The Works (1984)

14 – Somebody To Love – A Day At The Races (1976)

13 – Living On My Own – Mr. Bad Guy (1984)

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