Leaves’ Eyes / MaYaN, Almanac // Paris SHOW By Garmonbozia Inc.

Garmonbozia Inc. Presents Leave’s Eyes, MaYan and Almanac at the Petit Bain in Paris on the 18th of April 2018

Leave’s Eyes a German-Norwegian Symphonic Metal Band

MaYan a  Symphonic Death Metal from Netherlands

Almanac a Symphonic Power Metal Band

The Program:

Door Opens: 19h00
Almanac: 19h30
MaYan: 20h15
Leave’s Eyes: 21h30

EMAIL: billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)







Motor Militia World in Flames Album Launch

Motor Militia World in Flames Album Launch

Motor Militia World in Flames Album Launch: After much blood and sweat and toil Motör Militia will finally be launching our highly anticipated new album ‘World in Flames’!

To celebrate the landmark we will be performing a special 12 track set including the new album in its entirety at “Cloud 9” in the ‘Juffair Grand Hotel’! We are very proud to be supported by our friends and special guests Hellionight!

Check out the venues page: Cloud 9 Bahrain

During the event we will also launch the video for our new single “Supremacy”. The new album will be available for purchase at the event as CD in digipack with 12 page full color booklet. We will also have all new exclusive band T-Shirts for sale.

There will also be time set aside for band meet and greet and autograph session.

To pre-order a digital download of the album please follow one of the following links:




There will be an entry fee of BD5
There will be special offers on the night to be announced shortly
The event will be age restricted 18+

Motor Militia World in Flames Album Launch

Playing on Strings – Quadrangle Hazmieh


An acoustic night on Sunday, April 8th at the Quadrangle – Hazmieh. Performances by bands, with their covers and originals to take you away on a sweet journey. Please call 03.526566 to reserve.
Option 1 LBP 25,000 with 2 beers
Option 2 LBP 40,000 with 1 pizza and 1 beer
Playing On Strings.


Memories And Madness

Killing Shades

Maurice Semaan

Playing On Strings

Metal Blast – The Rebound


We are back once again after a long break with the Egyptian Metal scene’s rebound. Warm your necks up and come join the biggest Metal heads’ gathering this April. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Join us on Saturday, 7th of April 2018 –

The Rebound lineup :

Blackened Death Metal

Death Core

Alternative metal

Melodic Death metal

Metalcore/Groove Metal

Ticket Price: “150 LE”

Tickets will be available soon in Sawy Culturewheel

Rules & Regulations:
* Cameras Are Not Allowed
(Photographers can contact us for permissions)
* Bottles and alcoholic drinks are not allowed
* Sharp accessories are not allowed

Any act of violence or violation against others safety will not be tolerated and the person will be escorted out of the venue without a refund for his/her ticket.

Episode 2 | Interview With Monzer Darwish

Interview With Monzer Darwish – Episode 2 – Metal Bell Podcast!

In this second episode of the Metal Bell Podcast, we sat down with Monzer Darwish, an extremely talented film maker who just released a documentary called Syrian Metal is War.

In this documentary, we go on a journey with Monzer where he takes us deep into the Syrian metal scene and how metal heads and musicians are coping with the atrocities of War.

In this episode, you’ll discover how Darwish had the idea to make this film. Also, you’ll find out about the difficulties in making this film (much footage went missing) and what was the positive part about making this documentary. You can also hear about the fans and critics’ reaction to the film, and finally Monzer gives us his insight about the future of the Syrian Metal Scene.

Check Out Our Report about Syrian Metal Is War >here<

Donation page: https://goo.gl/JjNAmk

Music credits:

  • First Snow – Eulen – Mother Tree (2012)
  • Alone Again – The Hourglass – Resurrection of the Horrid Dream (2007)

Podcast hosted by Maher AJAMANE


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Editor’s Picks:

Roy Khan Releases First Song After Leaving Kamelot

Seven years after leaving Power Metal giants Kamelot, Roy Khan releases his first song as a solo artist. A lot of speculations took place throughout the years about what happened to Roy Khan after leaving Kamelot (read full report here). We then raised the question: Is KAMELOT’s Former Singer ROY KHAN Preparing His Comeback? And our question was answered a year and few months later >here<.


Today is the day, and the definite answer to our question has been answered. Roy Khan started his personal YouTube channel today and released his first ever song since 2010. “For All” is the song with which Khan chose to introduce himself as a solo artist to the world. Composed and written by Roy Khan himself, the song is a piano ballad performed by Khan on piano and keys, Leif Johansen on fretless bass and GOA on all guitars. The song is filled with Khan’s signature vocals that we’ve been used to during his Kamelot days. (Listen Below)

The song is set to be released on April 1st, leading to speculating that it’s going to be an April’s Fool joke. We searched for the lyrics and Shazamed the music but no result so far. One thing for sure is that this is Roy’s voice, but we will have to wait and see tomorrow if anything comes up!

Roy Khan Releases First Song After Leaving Kamelot

Roy Khan Releases First Song After Leaving Kamelot


for all the things I wanted to become
and all the things I could have been
for waiting for the writing on the wall
so long
for all the things I had and lost again
for every time I failed to lift your name
in the night

lord almighty
come pour your mercy down on me
holy glory
for all

for all the things I wanted in my own name
and all the filth my eyes have seen
for hiding when I ought be walking thru
for everything you wanted me to be
for all the love you pray that I may see
in you

God of David
I want to lower my defenses
pour your mercy down on me
for all

God almighty
it wasn’t you who wanted war
but you won it
for all
for now and ever more
cause you won it over
and once
for all

Roy Khan – vocals, piano and keys
Leif Johansen – fretless bass
GOA – all guitars

Recorded at Stable Studios in Oslo March 2018

Watch Video On YouTUBE

LIVE – Fareeq El Atrash & Lazzy Lung

From the far flung edges of the stereo sonic universe, two legendary motherships of Lebanese underground return for an epic funk rock reunion. Double bill/double trouble with hiphop pioneers FareeQ el Atrash and indie rockers Lazzy Lung.

FareeQ el Atrash فريق الاطرش is an Arabic hip hop band and Beirut underground cornerstone, with a pioneering sound distinguished by its true-school style, topical flows and live instrumentation. Featuring a rotating cast of the scene’s finest musicians, at the band’s core are two of the Arab world’s finest rappers/producers, Edd Abbas and Chyno, and the unmistakable beatboxer extraordinaire, FZ.

Lazzy Lung sail into town with a live set featuring new songs, new line-up and an even bolder sound. After two self-released albums soaked with stories of Beirut’s streets, bars and boudoirs, Lazzy have nursed their hangovers, licked their wounds and are promising fresh delights for all you hungry sailors.

Doors 9pm | LL25,000
Tix at the door

Lamb Of God Resurrects Burn The Priest

Earlier this week, the band posted a cryptic teaser video that teased “Burn The Priest” was coming on March 23! Groove Metal masters Lamb Of God started first as Burn The Priest in 1994 and changed their name over to Lamb Of God in 1999 to avoid satanic accusations.

It turned out that the band is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its debut album with a collection of covers titled Legion: XX, due on May 18 through Epic Records.

The 10-track set includes Agnostic Front’s “One Voice”, Bad Brains’ “I Against I” and The Accused’s “Inherit the Earth,” which is the first single. All the groups represented on Legion: XX are among Blythe’s favorites, especially Bad Brains. Initially into punk, noise, hardcore, and crossover music.  Burn The Priest



Pre-order merch bundles & watch the video for “Inherit The Earth” now at: http://burnthepriest.lamb-of-god.com/

Burn The Priest – Legion: XX
1. Inherit The Earth (The Accused)
2. Honey Bucket (Melvins)
3. Kerosene (Big Black)
4. Kill Yourself (S.O.D.)
5. I Against I (Bad Brains)
6. Axis Rot (Sliang Laos)
7. Jesus Built My Hotrod (Ministry)
8. One Voice (Agnostic Front)
9. Dine Alone (Quicksand)
10. We Gotta Know (Cro-Mags)

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Editor’s Picks:

A Beautiful Goth Themed Wedding In Lebanon

A Goth-themed wedding took place in Lebanon last week and it was beautiful. Goth weddings is not a new thing in the world but it is definitely new to the eyes of Lebanese people.

Last Sunday, a wedding with a different flavor took place in Lebanon. On March 18, Dina Kayali and tattoo artist Nadim Zalloum tied the knot in the Syriac Church in the village of Ballouneh.

Breaking all traditions, Nadim showed up with a Goth Medieval dark burgundy coat, black pants, and Heavy Metal boots. While the bride Dina showed up with a beautiful yet simple black dress, a red flower crown, and to not stay away from the general code, she wore high heels… black high-heeled boots though. A state of art.

Goth Themed Wedding In Lebanon

The couple rode a horse carriage, and celebrated their after ceremony party at a public garden in Ballouneh. The perfect Goth Wedding in Lebanon.

The wedding party was minimalistic, a celebration of love, rather than a festival-like celebration with tons of unnecessary spendings to impress the invitees. On the contrary, the wedding was clearly designed by the couple, who were focused on the action of being married and having fun with friends rather than impressing people they don’t know. An example that should be followed by the soon to be wed couples.

Goth Themed Wedding In LebanonThe wedding cake was an awesome double-leveled black & white cake topped with 2 skulls and flowers. “Till death do us apart”, expressed Dina to a local TV station. The whole scenery kind of remind us of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride movie. Doesn’t it?

A fairy tale wedding. Yes I said a fairy tale wedding, because the joy that you can clearly see on the faces of the newlyweds and their friends is priceless, and it was done in the best way possible and out of the box.

Nadim & Dina’s wedding broke the internet and the couple were congratulated for their awesome wedding and got a lot of support from the Lebanese Metal Community. The viral story was not all diamonds and roses, definitely some weren’t of favor of the ceremony theme, but who cares anyway. It was beautiful and we loved it.

Congratulations to Dina and Nadim, may your love reigns for infinity and beyond.

Goth Themed Wedding In Lebanon Goth Themed Wedding In Lebanon


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Editor’s Picks:

Terminal Leeches | EP Release Night


It’s been one hell of a ride for us and we’re so happy to announce that we will be releasing our debut EP “Terminal Leeches” on March 11, 2018.

“Terminal Leeches” EP release night is a gathering based event, where we chose to do something kind of different. The night will include lots of beer, food, and cupcakes! We will also satisfy your brutal senses with hit metal tunes by our guest DJ!

We care about meeting our supporters and making new friends, because we wouldn’t have made it this far without you! So pass by and celebrate with us an awesome night of metal!

PS: Food and drinks are charged by the house. Cupcakes for free 😀

**Limited copies available**

Venue: The Quadrangle Hazmieh
Entrance: 10$ including 1 EP
Doors open at 8:00 PM

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