Uli Jon Roth “50th stage anniversary” Paris @ Le Trabendo



Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec Dragon Productions, présente :

🎤 🥁 🎸
□ ULI JON ROTH (guitar legend)

📝 Jeudi 20.12.2018 – Paris, Trabendo
“50th STAGE ANNIVERSARY” – Uli will perform classic Scorpions, Electric Sun et Sky Of Avalon songs
► date unique en France ◄

🎟 -chers+jolis // 30€
□ Envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 33€
□ fnac bit.ly/Uli-fnac
□ digitick bit.ly/UliJonRoth-digi
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/UliJonRoth-tm

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Alex Skolnick Free Guitar Clinic

Alex Skolnick Free Guitar Clinic

Considered as one of the greatest, fastest and most versatile guitarists of all time, best known as the lead guitarist in Testament, Alex Skolnick Trio, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage, and a world renowned Jazz guitaritst. Alex will be hosting a FREE clinic at Instruments Garage Ashrafieh on Monday 17 December at 7 pm!

Attendees will benefit from special discounts on all guitars at the store! We will be waiting for you here! For more info, call 01 202 302!

About Alex Skolnick

Alex Skolnick, who joined Testament at age 16 and is one of their original members, is also known for being a respected New York improviser of multiple styles. Alex had moved to New York and earned a BfA in Jazz from The New School, and studied with prestigious artists such as George Garzone, Cecil McBee and Reggie Workman. He has released several critically acclaimed albums with the Alex Skolnick Trio since then, and rejoined with Testament in 2005. However when not on tour with the thrash band, you would find Alex headlining many fancy jazz venues around the world, such as The Blue Note in Milka, or Agharta in Prague. In addition, he is also a “first call player for Jazz/Rock projects”. Appart from his jazz career, however, Alex is also the leader of the critically acclaimed world acoustic project, Planetary Coalition, which features various international artists. In 2016 he was invited to be a primary guest instructor at Joe Satriani’s annual G4 Experience, alongside Eric Johnson, Mike Keneally and Steve Vai, and was also the sole guitarist on faculty at Warwick Bass Camp. He has been invited to several academic events to give keynote addresses, as well as joining PhDs at the International Society for Metal Studies in Helsinki. In addition to that, he is also a writer and editor to UNBUILT, a biannual lifestyle and cultural magazine, and has also written for Guitar World, Guitar Player and other publications. Alex has his own line of ESP signature guitars and has found his own niche as a guitarist. “Though he’s pretty much a household name in heavy metal, Alex defies categorization by musical genre.” (Making Music, Jan 2015).

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Metal Bell 6th Anniversary

We will be celebrating our anniversary for 6 years of serving the Local Rock & Metal Scene on 15 of DECEMBER!

On December 15th of the year 2018, Local Bands and fans will celebrate Metal Bell’s 6th anniversary in Beirut – Lebanon!

VENUE: Metro Al Madina

Metal Bell 6th Anniversary Bands:

– Avelyntale
Sound Of DeGeneration
– Gorilla Warfare

Pre-Sale Tickets: 25,000 L.L.
Door Tickets: 30,000 L.L.

Metal Bell 6th Anniversary

About Metal Bell:

Starting off in Lebanon as a Lebanese Rock & Metal Magazine, Metal Bell grew faster and bigger than expected and today we have become a major Rock & Metal media, not only in Lebanon, but also in the Middle East.

6 years ago, on December 12th in the year 2012, Metal Bell Magazine released its pilot issue (Issue 0) as a “test drive” to see the reaction of the local Lebanese scene. [www.metal-bell.com/themagazine]

The magazine was received with cheers from everyone in the scene, including the biggest names, who sent or posted about the project, including local mainstream media who were curious about the whole idea.

Today the Metal Bell team are proud to have contributed, even if a little, in making the scene grow. From small events of 70-80 attendees to what we have achieved today, of events with couple of hundreds of metal fans and international bands.

We Will Remain Committed To

Special thanks to D-Vision Prods for the designs and videos.

Organized by: SledgeHammer Productions

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Yeti Pop live at Radio Beirut

YETI POP is like walking into the middle of a Quentin Tarrantino movie and everyone breaks into song and dance. It is large looking and large sounding. It’s like a dangerous polar bear that you really want to cuddle.

Instrumentation includes, but not limited to:

Vocals, Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Violin, Percussion, Drums, Bass,
and Keyboard

The rather tasty Rum’n’Salty will be opening the show….oh my god look at that puppy!

Band Charge 10,000 LBP
Enjoy our Happy hour every day before 9pm.
Walkins are always welcome.
Doors open at 9:00 pm
For table reservations please call 01 570 277 / 76 341 499 (WhatsApp)
Can’t make it? Not a problem, You can download our free mobile app from Google Play or the Apple Store and enjoy the show at 9 pm (+3 GMT)

PROMINENCE | A Melting Pot of Death

Introducing yet another one of our Metal Bell 6th Anniversary bands: Prominence, a Death Metal band from Beirut, Lebanon.
Prominence was founded by Jack Khamo in 2017. Shortly after their inception, they were part of the Rock Insight event That One Night III at Metro al Madina on November 11th, 2017, and on May 5th, 2018, they partook in Metal United World Wide, an event organized by Sledgehammer Productions and presented by Metal Bell Magazine, which also took place in Metro al Madina.

On February 4th, 2018, they released their first ever single: “Slaughter of Dreams”. The song featured the legendary Derek Roddy on drums. Roddy was previously part of the American Death Metal band Nile, the American Death Metal band Hate Eternal, and more.

After the release of their single, the band went through a change of lineup. Maurice Semaan joined as their new guitarist as well as composer of their originals following “Slaughter of Dreams”. Nareg Cherchian, their vocalist, became responsible for the lyrics. As for the rest of the band, Serge Ashjian took over the bass, Monir (Matt) Lawand the rhythm guitar, and Sam Baghdo will be on the drums during the upcoming Metal Bell 6th Anniversary event.

Each member of the band has his own distinct musical influences. Consequently, the original material that they are working on strays away from “traditional” Death Metal towards something more multidimensional.

They are currently working on their EP titled “Sepulchered”. Two of its tracks were already recorded: “Sepulchered in Slumber” which was released on YouTube (watch video below) and Facebook in September, and Voices Reside, which was recorded in late November and will be available on YouTube after December 15th, 2018. Stay tuned for that!

In November, following the aforementioned release of “Sepulchered in Slumber”, the band was asked to be featured on USA’s Licking County Metalheads podcast, on which they had rave reviews, and we quote: “it has been a long time since they had listened to an actual lead in a metal song”. The band was asked to be featured for a second time with “Voices Reside”, during which they were lauded even further.

Prominence is managed by Maggie Varbedian of Sledgehammer Productions, the latter being co-owned by Maurice Semaan. As we have already mentioned, Sledgehammer Productions are the organizers behind the upcoming Metal Bell 6th Anniversary event.

When asked for a statement regarding Prominence’s appearance at SledgeHammer Productions and Metal Bell’s upcoming event, they replied: “Prominence are very excited to be part of this celebration, and to have the chance to perform both their songs from their upcoming EP “Sepulchered” for the first time on stage. They wish Metal Bell Magazine a happy anniversary, and a successful journey ahead.”

If you’re curious about the kind of sound that these boys will be dishing out, check out their aforementioned track on their YouTube channel: Prominence Official Lb.


Current Lineup:

Nareg Cherchian: Vocals
Maurice Semaan: Lead Guitar
Matt Lawand: Rhythm Guitar
Sergio Achjian: Bass
Sam Baghdo: Drums


Slaughter of Dreams (Single; 2018)
Sepulchered in Slumber (Track from the upcoming EP “Sepulchered”; 2018)
Voices Reside (Track from the upcoming EP “Sepulchered”; 2018)
Prominence, we’ll be seeing you on your path towards prominence!

Article Photo Credit to Beirut Metal Fest


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Sound of DeGeneration | Tastes Like Vintage Leather

The Metal Bell 6th Anniversary act whom we will be introducing next is Sound of DeGeneration, a Heavy Metal band from Lebanon.

Sound of DeGeneration has been around the scene for quite a while, but a fair share of changes has occurred since their initial inception. They originally appeared in 2011 under the name “Calling Earth” with founding members Ossy Mash (guitar and vocals) and Ramzy Alaeddine (guitar). A bunch of addition and removals took place until the band’s lineup stabilized in 2012 and their name was changed to “Rebellion”.

As Rebellion, they wrote five original tracks which they performed live numerous times alongside covers of classic Heavy Metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Dio, Metallica and more. They often took to the small stages of pubs and bars as well as some bigger music festivals.

Unfortunately, financial and personal circumstances as well as the departure of Alaeddine who sought to pursue his career elsewhere halted the band’s project of recording their debut album, and ultimately their activity in general.

However, in late 2017, a call from Hisham El Hajj Boutrous (the band’s bassist) encouraged the four remaining members to get back to it, and finally resume working on their long-abandoned album. The latter includes eight tracks and is now in its demo stage, awaiting mixing and mastering before its ultimate release.

Around that time, they also decided to change their name to S.O.D, or Sound of DeGeneration. They felt like that name better represents the message behind their band and their music, which is to “bring back the good old Rock and Heavy Metal of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s [that is] now destroyed by the new media”, as they put it. The name originally came from one of their original songs, and will also be extended to their self-titled debut album.

In 2018, the band started to push towards hopefully getting a label, and their new website www.soundofdegeneration.com is coming soon. Stay tuned for that!

When asked for a statement regarding Sound of DeGeneration’s appearance at SledgeHammer Productions and Metal Bell’s upcoming event, they replied: “It has been almost two years since we last performed at Metro al Madina. For us, this place feels like home and to be a part of Metal Bell magazine’s event makes us feel like we are with our family. We miss our fans and believe that they miss us too. We are ready for this night and we will make sure it will be a night to remember. As always our promise to the fans is ‘WE WILL BE HEAVY’!”

If you wish to take a sneak peak at what these Heavy Metal Men can do, check out their Soundcloud account for a taste of their Heavy material.

Current Lineup:
Nigol Ozz – Vocals
Ossy Mash – Guitar / Back Vocals
Samer Rkab – Drums
Hisham El Hajj Boutros – Bass

Sound of DeGeneration, take us back in time!


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The European Apocalypse / Kreator x Dimmu Borgir x Hatebreed / L’Olympia Paris


Les titans du Trash allemand KREATOR et les géants du Black Metal symphonique norvégien DIMMU BORGIR annoncent aujourd’hui une tournée en co-tête d’affiche, The European Apocalypse, à l’hiver 2018. La tournée se déroulera du 30 novembre au 16 décembre, avec en première partie l’institution du Hardcore américain HATEBREED et le super-groupe de Death Metal BLOODBATH. La tournée passera par la France avec une date le 3 décembre 2018 à l’Olympia de Paris.

Les Trashers originaires d’Essen Kreator ont sorti leur 14ème album Gods of Violence en janvier dernier. L’album a reçu de nombreux éloges, ce qui a permis au groupe de se placer pour la première fois en tête des classements allemands. Du côté de Dimmu Borgir, le groupe a sorti le mois dernier son premier album studio en huit ans, le monolithique Eonian, un œuvre d’art vicieuse dont vise à déformer votre perception de l’espace et du temps dans le Monde.

Retrouvez Kreator et Dimmu Borgir pour un concert exceptionnel le 3 décembre 2018 à l’Olympia à Paris.







Avelyntale | The Return of Lebanese Symphonic Metal

On Saturday, December 15th 2018, SledgeHammer Productions are organizing an event in order to celebrate no less than Metal Bell’s 6th anniversary!

While we all wait for the chance to partake in the celebration, we will be providing you with information about all the participating bands.

First up, we have Avelyntale, a relatively new local Symphonic Metal band.

It all started when Anthony Abdo (whom you might know as local Melodic/Fusion/Technical Death Metal band Noctuna’s vocalist), his wife Magdalena Eid Abdo, and Mood Yassine (whose talent on the keys has been around the local scene for a while, most notably with local Progressive Metal/Rock band Turbulence) were gathered at the Bach Music Institute.

Pretty much out of nowhere, each one of them started expressing their own preferences regarding Symphonic Metal. Magdalena favors female-fronted bands, such as Nightwish, most notably with their first vocalist Tarja Turunen; Mood, who has more of a Progressive background, sets Epica at the top of his own list; as for Anthony, he refers to himself as having a more “aggressive” background, and his favorite Metal genre of all time is Orchestral Black Metal, with bands such as Carach Angren, Dimmu Borgir, and Graveworm.

All it took after that was a subsequent pregnant pause that gave birth to the idea of them teaming up in order to perform the songs that they all love.

As such, Avelyntale is currently a covers-only band, since their main objective was essentially to garner enjoyment from performing as aforementioned. The thought of diving into the realm of musical creations has most definitely crossed their minds, especially since each one of their members would technically be capable of orchestral composition. However, they admit that they currently lack commitment, and would only be up for starting something if they were certain that they would all be up for finishing it.

That being said, a concept that would engulf the yet-unborn songs already exists. The name of the band, Avelyntale, translates to “the tale of Avelyn”, with the latter being an undefined character who could pretty much represent anyone in the band. So, when they do make the step towards composition, they will recount their own daily lives and the problems they encounter within them through the voice of Avelyn.

When asked for a statement regarding Avelyntale’s appearance at SledgeHammer Production and Metal Bell’s upcoming event, their guitarist and vocalist Anthony Abdo replied: ”It’s been a while that Symphonic Metal has disappeared from the local scene; people miss it. They should come to Metal Bell’s 6th anniversary and rock with us!”


Current Lineup:
Magdalena Eid Abdo – Vocals (Mezzo-Soprano)
Mood Yassine – Keyboard
Anthony Atwe – Bass
Rudy Fares – Drums
Anthony Abdo – Vocals (Guttural)

Avelyntale, we can’t wait to witness your tale unfolding before our ears!


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Storm Blast Vol 1 | The Triumph Of Steel

Welcome to the first OPEN AIR METAL FEST in Doha! This will be a wild night featuring four amazing bands covering the biggest anthems known in the world of heavy metal! Get ready for hours of synergy and singing along to your favorite tunes and a spectacular show unseen before in this wonderful city!

Storm Blast Vol 1 | The Triumph Of Steel Featuring

Awkward Privacy

Doors open:  7:00 PM

Dress Code : Metal outfit 🤘🏼

Entrance fees: 100 QR including one beverage

Religious attire is not allowed at the venue as per the Qatari rules

No reservations policy, it’s first come first serve

21+ QID or Passport required



By entering the premises of STORM BLAST, you understand that you may be photographed, filmed or videotaped and you hereby give the STORM AST team the unqualified right to take pictures and/or recordings and grant the perpetual right to use your likeness, image, photo (collectively “image”), without compensation, for broadcast or exhibition in any medium, and to put the finished pictures/recordings to any legitimate use without limitation or reservation. You hereby waive, release, and forever discharge STORM BLAST from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from any use of your image.
STORM BLAST shall not be obliged to use, and may elect not to use, your image.

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Sidewalk Open Mic featuring April

She’s a fiery talent, and she’s back to her hometown! Sidewalk is thrilled to host the one and only April as their feature this Wednesday! If you haven’t heard her before, you are in luck as she will be joined by Richard Samia to perform a mix of originals and acoustic progressive rock covers on our Sidewalk!

“Rachelle ‘April’ Bassili is a Beirut-LA based Akademia Award Winner multigenre vocalist/lyricist/collaborator with a focus on Rock and Metal. She founded the Beirut-based progressive metal band “April” with 1 EP release “Archives of the Mind” and serves as the lead vocalist of LA-based progressive metal band “Event Horizon”. She also leads the Acoustic Collective “Vibes” that hosts an array of musicians and renditions in venues across the country. Member of the art NGO “Haven for Artists” and a poetic-prose writer.”

انضموا إلينا في “رصيف بيروت” والذي هو ‘الميكروفون المفتوح’ الأسبوعي الأول والوحيد من نوعه في بيروت.

‎يبدأ ‘الميكرفون المفتوح’ الساعة ٨:٣٠ م. ويكون التسجيل للاشتراك ابتداءاً من الساعة ٨:٠٠ م.
‎إبحث عن مقدم الحفل ذو الدفتر الكبير وسجل اسمك معه لكي تكون جزء من الامسية!

‎ننتهي حين ينتهي كلامنا، أو حين يحل تعبنا، أو حين يغلق رِواق أبوابه.

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